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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the name of Cowboy Bob’s Horse?
January 7, 1970 Cowboy Bob road onto the screen for a 16 year stay astride an Appaloosa horse named Freckles. Freckles was soon replaced with a Palomino named Clyde – better know as, Windjammer (after a show contest). Then in 1979, a retired Sheriff’s mount named "Perfection’s Lassie" was purchased and named "Skye" by the viewers (after another show contest).

What was the name of Cowboy Bob’s dog?
Cowboy Bob’s most famous dog was named “Tumbleweed” who was named from contest entries from the viewing public. Tumbleweed became notorious around Disney as the dog who chewed a hole in Cinderella’s gown while appearing live in 1975 on Chuckwagon Theatre. She also was notorious for her high-diving ability at various stone quarries around Bloomington.

How did Cowboy Bob get his start on WTTV?
Bob Glaze (aka Cowboy Bob) born in 1942, first appeared on WTTV in 1963 on Jack Noel’s (Bloomington) Happy Valley Show. He joined the WTTV staff on June 6, 1966 (yes 6-6-66) as a camera operator on the Bloomington-based Bob Cook's RFD-4 and The Bernie Nicolei Breakfast Show where he also appeared.


His first appearance in Indianapolis was with Mary Ellen Reed when he played Harley Slarp, her boy friend on "Popeye’s Diner". He was known as "Mountain Dew Bob" on Janie’s show when they did a Mountain Dew jingle together. That lead to a Parade with Janie in Columbus, Indiana where he was actually deemed "Cowboy Bob" by a local businessman. Don Tillman hired him to replace Mary Ellen Reed's Lunch Time Theater and his show premiered at noon on January 7, 1970. Chuckwagon Theater was born! Cowboy Bob left Channel 4 on a regular basis on December 27, 1989.

How did Sourdough the Singing Biscuit come about?
Over the years Cowboy Bob included puppets on his show but one of the most endearing has got to be Sourdough the Singing Biscuit. He was created in 1972 after Cowboy dropped a left-over KFC biscuit on the studio floor. It was, supposedly one of "Cooky’s" really hard biscuits. The bit called for Bob Herald, the sound tech, to hit a sound effect of glass breaking but instead hit the theme music. The kids loved the idea of a singing biscuit so it morphed into a hand puppet designed by Janie's puppeteer (now well-known animator) Jerry Reynolds.

Did Cowboy Bob invent Stop, Drop and Roll?
One of the most successful campaigns from the show were the "Stop, Drop and Roll" fire safety spots. Bob taught his first dog Tumbleweed to stop, drop-down & roll-over to extinguish clothing fires and to crawl beneath smoke to escape buildings. Many children and adults attribute those messages to saving their lives during fire incidents.


Emails From Cowboy Bob Fans!

I thought Cowboy Bob was on DVD. If it is how much and how do I get it?
Thanks Dana A.

Dear "DayDay" Dana: Thanks for checking by the Chuck Wagon! As a fatter of mack I'm preparing to...uh...prepare a DVD from old clips that survived the "changing of the guard" back in 1989. I hope to add some updated (read: "old 'CB' in a new body...or perhaps the other way around?) commentary as well. Can't wait to get started on it. We have a few WTTV legality hurdles to clear first. Please check my site occasionally for alerts on this and my upcoming appearances?! Thanks..."Keep smilin' and don't forget to take your nap"! "Cowboy" Bob Glaze 

Love the website. Cowboy Bob was such a good memory as a kid. Wish the show was still around for my children to watch. Thanks again. Steve K.

Hey "Wrangler Steve"...thanks for 'stretching the string' to the Chuckwagon! We're still here...yep...guess we're too "old fashioned" for today's kids. I'm still doing 'gigs' (when I'm not diving, rowing or sailing) and post them on the site. Keep Smiling! "CB" Glaze...along with "Cooky" & "Sourdough" 

Hi, My mom was a guest on the Cowboy Bob's Corral Show to promote a fundraiser she was running for, I believe it was called Free University. What are the odds of finding photos or a copy of that episode? Her name, at the time, was Jean Stoelting. Deb F.

Dear Deb: The odds ain't "bloomin good". Very little of my shows was saved by WTTV...our "live" segments were never even recorded for posterity. I am so very sorry! I would give anything to go back in time and INSIST that the station "archive" all of my shows (of course they would have simply laughed me out the door)! Anyhow...thanks for checkin' in and "Keep Smilin"! Bob  "CB Glaze  

Mr. cowboy bob, I was a huge fan of yours! I was even on your show with my skating partner somewhere between 1977-1979 as a child guest. First let me say thank you, it was an honor not only to be on your show, but to meet you. Recently I was sharing this experience with my adult children. I would like to know if there is any way I could get a copy of the program to show my kids. I would greatly appreciate your assisstance. My name at the time was Christina Modica I was between 10-12 years old. Sincerely, Christina B.

Hi Christina: 'Tis always great to hear from former guests! Do you still ice-skate? Gail and I enjoy throwing a skating party at Perry Park Rink every year following Christmas. We've been doing it for 25 years.| As to show copies...we were mostly "live" in the 70's so few of my programs were pre-recorded. Any videotapes that were made were seldom warehoused for long. I believe there is a WTTV 50th Anniversary tape or CD that might be still be available for sale. It contains some of my familiar stuff but not likely your appearance.

Thank you so much for checking in with us here at the old Chuckwagon! Sourdough and Cooky say howdy! Don't forget to take your nap! Bob "CB" Glaze & "Mr. T. Rusty O'Toole" (heir apparent to "Tumbleweed") 


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