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2009 Culver Crew Chronicles

CULVER Crew~Chronicle:

7/29/09 ~ “Heads Up…Ready All…CHOW!”

”Bella Noche!” Tonight was what makes all of our CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team sweaty ‘eff~oar~ts’ worth it! This lovely evening…sandwiched between recurrent rainstorms…14 friends (8x+, 2 singles & a double) came together at the Indianapolis Rowing Center. We soon found a window of WOW and a flat glassy track all the way northward (under the 56th street bridge) to ‘Rick’s Boatyard’ for a break of libations and ‘finger lickin’ row’past’! Our initial CCIRT “rump roster” tonight included Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA’60), Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth, ‘Sweeta’ Rita Woll, ‘Cap’n’ Gail Glaze plus Y’oars Truly.

So then there were 7! "What to our wandering eyes should we find but two wayward IRC Masters eager to grind"! Newbees (to us…but not to rowing) Mike Nigh & Brooks O’Brien helped fill our “CCIRT Spirit of ’43” 8x Vespoli. So now there were 8+x! But wait! There’s more! Suddenly Dr. Arthur Lyakhovetsky came ‘Russian’ down to the ‘Daffy Dock’! Sooo…just moments before we’d launched “Barney” bailed out, grabbed a single (probably just to so he could taunt us with his scull skill) and @ 1800 HRS both of our crafts (10 souls in all) set sail southward aimed for the bridge.

Newbee to the cox~spot sat Rita Woll…WOW! THANKS! She may be new but she was WHEW! We managed a heckuva romp safely: “Over the Eagle & Under the Bridge to Rick’s Boatyard we rowed”! For all you whizzes still doing the math…yes there were also 4 other folks who joined in our soiree. Two lovely young ladies (names unknown) in a double and a handsome young IRC teen (Tim?). Our #14 fellow was Rita’s rascal 'Dapper' Dave Woll who motored over nursing a boo-boo. ‘Twas his arm…not his ‘arse’…that was in a sling this time. Hitting trees with your ride is never recommended! We all hope he returns to rowing soon!

We're very grateful to IRC Director Bernadette “Barn Burner” Teeley for setting the dock for us at Rick’s Boatyard and to their staff for feting us so nicely! A beautiful bright half/moon led us safely home at dusk.

Finally…here’s a note I sent to our 2 ‘drop-ins’: “Fun was ‘Nigh’ last night! I thought our coxswain Rita proved to be a real stitch! Thanks to you and Brooks for joining us (not that we were falling apart) but it sure helps to have eight fannies (instead of six) in an 8x+! Sorry my stroke was so rediculously fast! Chasing after Amstel Lite (Dutch beer made from ‘desalinated’ sea water) and calamari (made from ‘salinated’ squid) will do that to one's stroke! Ya'll come out and join us ‘Any Wednesday’ (hmmm...wasn't that an old Italian ‘floozy flick’?)!”

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


Our CCIRT (younger scribe)“Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann again begged off writing this missive due to some firecracker 4th ‘raciness’…Wisconsin, I believe?     

7/1/09 ~ Heads Up...Ready All...’Bow? Wow!’
(I believe that our stern  was equally ‘dogged’ tonight)! 

“The persistant ‘soggy dog’ days of Summer 2009 shook off long enough for eight of us to float our boat!”

1720 HRS: “Ben there…Don that”! Don “Barney” Nixon (CMA ’60) and his handsome coxswain / grandson “Big” Ben joined “Cap’n” Gail and me at a remarkably flat IRC fluidscape. Also panting to play came the aformentioned “Dangerous“ Dan Kirchmann, our treasured treasurer Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huff & Rollie “Crab King” Cole. Then there were 7! A 6x+? No…make that a 7x+ thanks to the arrival of newbee Arthur L! “Sir” Arthur  (I can't spell...let alone pronounce his last name) is a Russian transplant, Psychiatrist (I believe) and long-time windsurfing acquaintance who…having grown tired of 'waiting~for~the~wind'…decided to try his hand(s) at Vespoli self-empowerment.

1750 HRS: We were sorely tempted to do a 56th street bridge crossing & head south to Rick’s Boatyard but…due to the uncertainty of the weather plus having an empty # 5 slide…we stuck to the north end for a great hour of ‘safe sets’! No crabbing to be had tonight…either verbally or physically…and another greased landing proved once again that young Ben has true ‘killer tiller’ talent. Thanks to one and all for makin’ the lake’n we certainly hope to catch another quorum tomorrow! ‘Tis time now for couch, Cordon Bleu & crib!

That’s Tales from the Dockside!SM’OAR NEXT TIME!READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’!Yours at theOars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)



Your CCIRT (elder scribe) 'Rowbere' Glaze has grown impatient awaiting the newlyReggie' annointed
'Dangerous Dan' Kirchmann to submit any’s a quicky for ya'll:

    6/24/09~Heads Up...Ready All...4+?!
“Summer Time & my 'Fridge' was Defrosting’!!”


 I MISSED OUT big time! But when ones 'fridge' fails and one has copious Omaha Steaks on must put everything else on hold! Thankfully...NO steaks were lost in the course of our "Humpday Hassle"! Did anybody row? YES! Don “Barney” Nixon (CMA ’60) wrote:

“My Grandson ’Big’ Ben and I joined ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann , Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole and ‘Dapper’ David Woll for a quick trip south to the dam and back...much to Ben's delight!” 

(DAM?! I missed it!) 'Barney' is abstively and posilutely right…sounds like his grandson finally got his BIG WISH! ‘Big’ Ben’s been bugging us for weeks to do a 56th street bridge crossing!

At this junct~oar…the weather for our (July 1st) humpday/dunkday looks revolutionary and Captain Gail hopes to make it home from ORD (Chicago) in time to join us in our eternal pursuit of ‘Life, Legs & Liniment’!

By the way…I met a slim and very fit-looking fellow at my Patriotic picnic "BIG GIG" with the spectacular 'Bloomington POPS' Orchestra/Chorus on Saturday night. This particularly impressive fellow expressed a strong interest in joining us. He says he met me at one of Robert 'Reggie' Evans annual Greencastle Holiday bashes. I pray that he’ll actively follow up with his desire since I failed to copy his name! D@m#$%zzzzzzzzzzzz!  

That’s Tales from the Dockside!SM’OAR NEXT TIME!READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’!Yours at theOars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)



CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 

6/10/09~Heads Up...Ready All..."NOW"…that’s m’oar like it!!!

Yes…CULVER does do “windows”! Smack~dab between morning and night rainstorms we managed to sandwhich in a spectacular evening of IRC rowing. 1730 HRS: The N’oars gods temporarily swept away the swampy air leaving a huge flat~glass window of opp'oar'tunity for the “Spirit of ‘43 CCIRT".

Robert ‘McBob’ Jedele was the first to help build our “sandwich” (well, duh!) when Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60), his handsome young grandson Ben and I hit the pit. Within a few short minutes we were replete with rumps ‘rarin’ to row! Gassed by the ‘glass’ came Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, Danielle ‘Danomite’ McDowell (CGA) along with her mighty mama-in-law Kathy, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth along with her pal ‘newbie’ Jaynie Knolting & ‘Dangerous’ Dan then...there were 10!

1750 HRS: ‘McBob’ sailed a single while the restuvus raced our 8x+ through a sky-blue 7500m stretch. With young “Big” Ben steering at the stern and me sitting stroke we spent a happy hump-hour breaking some serious sweat. Experienced sculler Kathy aced her first time at sweep and Ben did his granddaddy Don proud!

1900 HRS: ‘McBob’ hit the “daffy dock” just ahead of us then we “greased” our own (mostly dry) landing (Dan then attempted to hose off some of the ‘gaggle of goose grease’ from the dock)! OH CANADAS!!!! Few ‘crab sandwiches’ were caught tonight (go newbie Jaynie!)! Time now for Schwan’s, switches & sheets. Enc'oar?

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


5/27/09~Heads Up...Ready All..."Tri-Perfecta"!

After much gnashing of weather teeth and copious "coups de telephone" I decided to head to the lake anyway and...even if we didn't least I could purchase my sailboard season pass. Deep down I suspected that the weatherman had “blown it” and, if we had enough fannies to float something, the "Spirit of '43 CCIRT" could again enjoy a sweat fest. Reportedly "McBob" had a last minute "McMeeting" & "Danomite" suddenly found herself on "hubby health watch" (how does a fellow get hurt playing golf?)!       

 1700 HRS: My best friend “Mr. T. Rusty O’Toole” and I pulled into a shaded spot in the (mostly) empty lot then went “walk-about”…ending up at the boathouse office chatting-up “Barn Burner” Teeley about the still rigger-less black quad. She indicated that it could be seat-worthy if someone just took the initiative to rig it. Well…why not CULVER?!

1725 HRS: Rollie “Crab King” Cole and our treasured CULVER Club Treasurer Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth braved seas of doubt and floated in for a sunny surprise of flat-water fun. So there were 3! Awaiting a possible 4th fanny…we decided to take tools in hand and equip the Quad.

1800 HRS: Decision time had passed and…after checking out…the THREE of us somehow bundled our black beast down to the bay for a (mini) “Deliverance Run” northward. Rollie sat #4 (stroke), Cheryl sat #3 (looking sharp in a brand new maroon CULVER Crew shirt), a dark shadow sat #2 while “Y’oars Truly” sat #1(bow) craning for…Cranes? Great Herons & ghastly hazards captured my attention as we took our time "banjo picking" perilously through the shallows. We eventually escaped...speeding swiftly back southward to happily hit the bridge before heading home.

1920 HRS:  We “greased” our landing (despite arriving down wind of the dock). Next came our timorous trek uphill to the barn bearing our beastly burden! ‘Taint easy McGee for THREE 'gainst gravity! But we made it…with (much appreciated) last minute help from some young’uns still hangin' out at the Boat House. Checked back in…ZZZZ!

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


4/8/09~Heads Up...Ready All...
’There you go…two in a row…row…row…your boat!’

“’Twas amazing grace as the weather-man once again smiled on the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team. I blew into the IRC parking lot at 1720 HRS to find ‘McBob’ Jedele, his son Tim & Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole already champing. So now there were 4 (but the quads are still riggerless)! Ok…’lettuce spray’! Then I spot a cherry-red FORD Mustang in the parking lot. ‘Twas too ‘coltish’ to be ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann’s hot-rod. Suddenly Dan blows in gearing a black pick-up truck! Go figure…so then there were 5! I was ‘remorsely’ (oh wait…that’s that other Reservoir!) contemplating coxing a red 4x when mama Nancy ‘Kickin’ Kuliesis managed to sweet-talk her hubby into playing ‘Ginny sitter’ for a couple of hours. She even brought along 2 green NEWBIES! Welcome Joanie & Jayne! So now there are 8! Trial by 8x is a reality! YES! The water level's up…the docks are in place! All's well! While most of us were sporting long pants and layered fleece tops…young Tim “Nanook of the North” Jedele braved the chill in a (short sleeved) black tee and lightweight shorts! Is he macho or just masochistic? He even mentioned that he was getting a bit warm at one point! Hmmm? Rather…’Brrrr’!

1755 HRS: The wind had subsided and I was (pretending to be) ‘large and in charge’ shouting over my shoulder from the #8 stroke position while Rollie our "Rector" did the actual ‘heavy lifting’ (AKA coaching the gals) from his forward slide. An hour later, after bagging a few dozen yummy ‘crabs’…our two ‘ladies of the lake’ had settled into a few real ‘sets’ and…those smiles don’t lie…they’ll be baaaack!

1900 HRS: ‘McBob’s’ GPS read-out was…
“Move time 53 minutes, move speed ave 2.8mph, distance 3991km, 2.48miles

  ‘Twas a wee bit ‘weenie’ (slower than a WALK? We’ll do better next time!) BUT we did nail a 1st-try docking (thanks to bowman Dan) back at the barn. The ‘daffy’ dock is swamped with spring al-log-ators (flotsam)…but HEY…the water’s back up…we’re back up…and that’s what matters! But now…under a cold full moon…‘tis time to move from ‘what matters’…to ‘what mattress’! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)



 4/1/09~Heads Up...Ready All...’LOW’nSLOW!’

1730 HRS:  ”It’s Alive”!!! Six…that’s 5 present members of the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team plus 1 ‘newbie’ managed to find their way to Season #12 of fun, flailing & ‘April Foolishness’ at Eagle Creek, Indy!

" Cap’n Gail Glaze & I oar’rived first to buy our summer car passes (Senior Citizen Discount…Yeah?) and do a ‘walk about’ with two of our 5 furred ‘car alarms’. Next we were joined by ‘McBob’ Jedele & (one of) his able-bodied ‘McManager(s). We enjoyed meeting former footballer (now rowing ‘newbie’) Bobby Hopper! Next 'hoppin’ to' came our nimble ‘number-cruncher’ Cheryl ‘Huff-n-Puff’ Huth hoping to fatten the ‘piggy’ and aching to again tour Eagle’s banks. Then there were 5! To float what? A 4x with one~uvus sittin’ coxswain? Hmmm? Suddenly a ‘cherry’ Mustang tooled-in to tellus that ‘Dangerous Dan’ Kirchmann had ‘fled the mines’ to mount math. So then there were 6! A quad & a double (‘twas too ‘choppy’ to take a single)! But…after we $$$ed Cheryl our annual dues we then submitted our required ‘releases’ (if we die…it’s our fault) to IRC Director ‘Barn Burner’ Bernadette Teeley. She then (quietly) suggested that she might be able to ‘loan’ us a coxswain…a handsome young Senior from the International School. Heavens…now there were seven~uvus! So…with teen Alex D’Amour (you’d love this guy!) willing & ‘ready to steady’…we teetered our ancient 8x to an uncertain future.

No…our ‘flies’ weren’t open this ‘Fools Day’ but our eyes opened wide when we saw a shallow shoreline blowin’ in the wind. How low can it go? Whoa! The ‘Daffy Dock’ sat close to the mud but we managed to safely stumble down the STEEP ramp and spend the next 50 minutes Rockin’nRowin’! Tacking past treetops, turtles & trouble, we all stroked while ‘old Bob’ coached ‘new Bob’ into a smooth rhythm (despite our ‘rocky’ boat-set). “McBob’s” GPS report: ”We rowed 5016km, at 3.9mph average.  Moving time 48 minutes.  McBob”.

Young Alex kindly concealed his critique of our Crew as we all got re-acquainted with the “Wonderful World of Water T’oar’ture”. A 6+ in an 8x in high wind & waves (plus shallow water) may be ‘low’nslow’ but OH so satisfying for our 2009 ‘virgin voyage’! Hopefully it bodes well for season and we’re looking forward to more old members returning and hopefully conscripting new ones! Cheryl $ez that, with only a few having paid in so far, we still have enough in the ‘piggy’ to cover our IRC cost. However…we encourage all other willing crewmen to increase our ‘splash fund’ to cover repairs (etc) and keep us afloat! ‘Waynuff’! Time to pause for 'pads, pizzas & pain-pill(ow)s'!"

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


5/20/09~Heads Up...Ready All...Huh?

Well…I’ve waited long enough for our famed ‘popularly elected’ new “Scribe” to submit his polished remarks about our last week’s punishment! While we ‘twiddle’ our thumbs…here’s my own ‘quirky quicky’:

1600 HRS: ‘Cap’n’ Gail and ”Rusty” joined me at the lake. I despite a faulty contact lens…managed to shoot some video (courtesy my former WTTV pal Peggy McClelland of ‘Producers Plus’) for my website while we awaited our remaining crewmen. 1700 HRS: We were joined by Rollie “Crab King” Cole, Don “Barney” Nixon (CMA ’60), “Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann (our aforementioned newbee ‘scribe’?). Next…Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth blew in with Jaynie Nolting & Joanie Dick in ‘row~tow’! Sooo…now then were eight! 1730 HRS: Expecting flat water fun we finally floated our newly repaired 8x (thanks to McBob” Jedele!) for a one-hour shake down. Despite a sudden increase in wind and waves…’Professor’ Rollie helped our two almost ‘newbees’ eventually fall into stroke (and not into the water) and they actually admitted that they’d like to return! Meanwhile Peggy "Mc" hung around long enough to chronicle a bit of our p~rowess for "posterior" posterity.

Despite remaining relatively dry...our shell felt heavier than usual tonight. Some of us wondered if “McBob” might have made his successful boat repairs using molten lead?!

I leave you with a bright light…”Sweeta” Rita Woll has ‘suggested’ that she might consider acting as our dedicated coxswain! Let us all now pray over our pasta and pads!

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


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