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2008 Culver Crew Chronicles

11/18/08~Heads Up...Ready All...’BARN IT!’

 1715 HRS:  Loyals exist! I've seen them with my own two eyes! They came to Eagle Creek tonight to do nothing more exciting than helping to barn our two boats for the winter! Perennial 'smiley' Don Nixon (CMA '60) was the first loyal I spotted. Then I saw: A "Loyal" who has has never even rowed with us (at Eagle Ocean)! We did delight in his presence at CULVER's Alumni Weekend many years ago (back when Fred Jungclaus...CMA '60) did his famous fly-over during the MAX ash ceremony in tribute to a cherished member of the remarkable CULVER Class of '43 Crew. Yessirs! We've finally landed Bill 'BadBoy' McLane at the IRC! Hopefully he will join us in the spring and help us 'dampen our dugout' for real. Perhaps his competitive spirit will encourage a renewed interest in a CCIRT 'Head Race' next year!    

 1730 HRS: When I oar'rived Bill was happily chatting up our 2008 newbee 'Dapper' David Woll. Who knew...that they even knew one another! Small world!! Hopefully they will both 'bug' each other to return in the spring. Also aiding @ a~bedding were: Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole daughter Isabel, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth & her 'racing' hubby plus...Y’oars Truly’.

 Thank you guys! We still gotta get our Vespoli fixed. Potential 'newbees' 'McLane & Huth' have already 'hatched' an improvement plan.  YOU GOTTA LOVE all these folks! Our next stop will be Zydeco's in late February...2009. Save your pennies for the fun & the dun!

 PS: Dear Susan Guyett of the Indianapolis Star: You may now safely & (this time) accurately publish my pending December 1st birthday (66th).  Thank you very much.  

 That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60


10/22/08~Heads Up...Ready All...’STR-OK-E!’

 1730 HRS:  It’s about time! Following last week’s skunk-fest we were right on the math as an even 4 hit the road to Show’nRow! Yep! Fun’nFannies were ‘a-poppin’ as Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth & ‘Y’oars Truly’ marshaled for a (possibly) last-ditch dunking before we’re forced to trade our ‘row-jobs’ for ‘snow-jobs’ (George Carlin approves this message)!

 1815 HRS: Ms Shoreline was prop’oar’ly decked out in her autumn finery as wee 4 un-docked our ‘spooky black’ quad-lite for an hour-long ‘east-wind’ easychasing wind shadows & wellness. Despite my recent bout at the barber…our set & speed was so exciting that any hair I had left on my nape was standing at attention! Eagle’s low water level kept a north-end ‘Deliverance Run’ on hold until next season but we did manage a major ‘Peek at the Bridge’ and a ‘compleat’ tour of the north 4~oar~T! Not ONE freakin’ crab caught this evening and I’m officially admitting my addiction to quad sculling! Thanks to a diminishing but dedicated CULVER Crew…‘twas a ‘rump rush’ that I’ll relish until spring unleashes our 16th season! Our Christmas wish CULVER recruits!

 1915 HRS: A ‘Cigarette Boat’ cloud smoked northward across the setting sun as I blew south toward hash & hammock. Meanwhile we’d like to send a big ‘60’ salute to newbee CULVER Crewman “Dapper” David Woll! Waydago~young’un! We’ll all wear black on Saturday so the Carmel cops can’t see us celebrating your birthday! Speaking of old…our ‘CULVER~DePAUW’ 8x needs some serious succor! Bernadette ‘Barn Burner’ Teeley suggests that  ‘Dayton Boatworks’ could be our best ‘Docktor’? They might be able to gurney it on Nov. 1st following the ‘Head of the Eagle’? I’ll fill you in after I hear from them and from “Reggie”.

 PS: Our next Horrible Hump Day’ will be this season’s Swan Song’. Hope some of you will feel like honking?! Wear your scare! We’ve gotta do a Halloween row…right? I regret that we couldn’t field enough 'buff'  for the ‘Head of the Eagle’ being held  on November 1st.  Meanwhile VOTE 4 CHANGE? Anybody got any change left? I’ve checked behind all my chairs & couches. Nothing! Oops! Chem-Dry just left after cleaning those suckers! That might explain…?

 That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


10/15/08~Heads Up...Ready All...’Drat!’

1630 HRS: I arrived early at the IRC to a wee but workable window of rowing opp’oar’tunity! Next to appear was “Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann who joined me in a session of thumb-twiddling! Several ‘twiddles’ later Rollie “Krab King” Cole “celled” in to say he was delayed.

1730 HRS: Rollie arrived! Although the Juniors were staying off the water due to approaching WX from the west (plus no singles or doubles were floating)…we still thought that a quick quad tour was within reach if we could reach the right math.

1800 HRS: Well we waited, waited & waited at the well for a fourth fanny to fill the CCIRT “bill”. ALAS…ALACK…DRAT! T’was not to be this hapless hump-day! Rain was now imminent as we reluctantly agreed to tuck our tails & slink to soup, sack & sulk. 

PS: If you enjoy ‘gnarly’ rowing & paddling aqua-action with a great message you MUST experience the (3D) “Grand Canyon…River at Risk” at the Indiana State Museum IMAX Theater. I relished it on Friday…thanks to friend & multi-talented Theater manager David Brown. He’s also an experienced Historical (and hysterical!) “reenactment paddler” (& potential CCIRT recruit)! I was swept away by the film…having flown the rim years ago with Captain Gail in our Cessna and experiencing similar spectacular views of the mighty Colorado River.     


“Booo!  I’m down with a cold, but am heading to Boston tomorrow where ChaCha is a sponsor for the ‘Head of the Charles’.  I’ll be mixing work and rowing – sound dangerous…Dan?” Danielle ‘Danomite’ McDowell

“We are out of town. Have fun if it doesn’t rain!” ‘Sweeta’ Rita Woll  

…and rain it did! Our lawn is smiling again! Looks like mowing before our next rowing!  Be-dee…be-dee…be-dee:          

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


10/08/08~Heads Up...Ready All...’Bad Buoys, Bad Buoys?’ 

 “Sadly I had to dodge automobile accidents while driving to & from the Park but made it safely both ways.

1740 HRS: Rollie “Krab King” Cole awaited me at the IRC following his Croatian vacation...none the worse for where? ‘Barney’ Don Nixon (CMA ’60),Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’n Puff’ Huth & Robert ‘McBob’ Jedele also saw fit to battle the bottle necks to stay fit with our nutty cluster. Our old 8x Vespoli was bone-brittle dry…replete with cobwebs & daubers but crying for a ply! We fought logic and launched it with just…6 souls...sans coxswain (we did commandeer some young local talent to help portage to

and from the pond). Early leakage eased to a trickle as we 'creeked' westward toward wind shadow & sunset. We dodged several FULL 8Xs sprouting young’uns and hoped they wouldn’t notice our ‘diminished capacity’. Can you spell ‘fat chance’? Once again IRC's sylvan~swamp shoreline was visably 'sweetened' by the Anthocyanin, Carotine & Xanthophyll sugars in the leaves. For a 15th year the CCIRT finds itself rowing into another freezin’, sneezin’ season! BOO!!

 1840 HRS:  Another Kirchmann ‘bowman smoothie’ docked & locked! Ashore we did endure the expected “Where’s your coxswain? Don’t USA Rowing rules state etc…!” admonishment from a well-meaning young man who was born about the same year our Crew formed. I do agree with him, however! Perhaps he could loan us one of those young nubile coxswains that…HEY…just a thought! Gail! I was…OUCH!!

 I guess I digress! We might start rowing next year on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays if interest merits. It might also enable “OUCH!” to join us once in a while! Meanwhile rowing stays on (our few remaining) Wednesdays!

 E-Crew Notes!  Sorry…next week a friend is coming in and will be here both Wednesday & Thursday evening.  He’s not the rower type (SOB!).  McBob (tonight’s GPS: 4960 km / 4.8mph) “I was reminded of a Godligation -- a church dinner I have to attend on Thursday the 16th. I could probably make Wednesday the 15th, which now appears better to me. But it is still your call.”  Rollie Cole

 “Hope all is well. Please make sure you send all communication via e-mail to I am no longer with Premier Sports Chiropractic.” Rita Woll

 “Hey CCIRT! My granddaughter tried out for High School crew this year but she decided it wasn’t for her. So, I now have a little incentive to row...'ya know... ‘If Grandpa can do it, you can too!’ I'll get her High School crew to help us!” Ralph VanDuzee (CMA’60)

 “Ralph...that's great! Now we're talking! We need 'newbees'! Have fun and we’ll see you at CULVER in 2010!” Glaze

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


9/24/08~Heads Up...Ready All...”Chow”!

What a ’SUPPER’ idea! IRC instructor “Rows” Budd Glassberg wanted to row a fleet to Rick’s Cafe Boatyard tostop, dock & drool’…and then row back home! So glad he shared his idea with Bernadette “Barn Burner” Teeley and she with us! It’s something we’ve wanted to do for years but hadn’t accomplished until tonight! Budd’s funky ‘banana scull’ lead a small flotilla of singles, doubles and quads from the BH on a round-trip ‘Head of the Eagle’ tour: “Over the Water & ‘neath the Bridge to ‘Rick’s Café’ we Rowed”…to land at a “daffy dock” towed down by the IRC earlier. Tonight we launched later than we wanted due to a traffic boondoggle on I-465 but, throwing caution to the calm wind, we pressed on. They didn’t exactly ‘row’ with us tonight but our latest crewman Doug “Daffy Doc” Skinner came…along with his side-dish ”Lil Oar-Fan” Ann! They paddled point guard as al’log’ator-sweepers…coaxing their kayaks on a one-way trip from the IRC to RCBY. With ‘Miles To Row Before We Eat’…here’s our Time Line:

1700 HRS: For tonight’s unique event…Cap’n Gail rolled the ‘Thursday AM airline commute to Chicago’ dice to join us at the IRC. Once there we met up with Robert ‘McBob’ Jedele and we set-up & shot a few photos of our old wooden Pocock 4x (we hope to sell the boat on the Web to ‘shore’ up our crew’s ‘splash fund’). Eric ‘The Wiz’ Stoll thinks that (refinished) it would make a great wall display for someone. We heartily agree. It probably won’t float again but perhaps Eric’s idea will! 1715 HRS: Next to arrive came Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth and much-missed Danielle “Danimite” McDowell (CGA)…then there were 5! Meanwhile Doug & Ann had already launched their ‘log bombs’.

1730 HRS: A quick cell-search located lagging ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann who was just entering the Park following his escape from ‘Alca-traffic’! So…toward a sinking Sol but with soaring souls and a math of 6…Gail & Cheryl headed south in a double while the rest-uv-us wrestled the Vespoli quad. Paddle-in-Command ‘Danimite’ (1st time in a quad) was strong at stern while…from the bow…‘Dangerous’ dared to stare down the dusk. CCIRT newbies ‘Dapper’ David & ‘Sweeta’ Rita Woll wisely opted to get more experience before plying the Park by dark…so they proceeded to RCBY by auto to await us. Also waiting for us was our crew founder Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) plus his sweet bride Sharon. Both are still ‘on the mend’ and we wish them both well…RIGHT NOW! We also sincerely hope that the Wolls and the Skinners will follow up on their intentions to take a few rowing lessons from Budd or from one of the other fine IRC instructors come spring…if not sooner!

Chow Time!  With a flat-water window reflecting a cloudless sky…we made a precision passage from the gloaming to gluttony. 1900 HRS: We docked at Rick’s…all set for ‘refreshment, refleshment & reflection’ (say that 3 times fast?)! Conspicuous consumption continued until well beyond our planned hour of ‘barning’…but ‘barn’ we finally did! 2100 HRS: Crab cakes, calamari & camaraderie soon eased into an eerie mist of floating app’oaritions! Shore lights, running lights & shadowed night birds led us safely northward ‘neath the 56th Street bridge toward home. Thanks to all those that were involved tonight...this was very special! [McBob’s GPS read out: Total 7895 M / 4.96 Miles. Average speed 6.3 MPH!]. By the way…following 4 hours of sleep…Gail just made her flight to Chicago this AM. “THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEA~ZZZZZ?”! Among our missed: CCIRT loyal Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60) who hit ‘sick call’ and Rollie ’Krab King’ Cole who’s still cruising Croatia. Nancy “Kickin” Kuliesis suddenly got ‘diaper detail’ but, considering the economy, she AIN’T gonna raise a ‘stink’ over hubby John’s last-minute ‘jobligation’.
That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CM’60)


9/17/08~Heads Up...Ready All...”Septemb’oar”!

The bloom is fast fading from the ‘rows’ as summer silently slides into autumn. Our final sweat-fest before the fall found six members of the CULVER Club of Indianapolis Rowing Team saddling up for sculling. While ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann & Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth damped a double I had the pleasure of rowing #1 (bow) while initiating three of this season’s ‘newbees’ to the quirks of an IRC quad. I assigned ‘Dapper’ David Woll to #4 (stroke), his Woll-doll ‘Sweeta’ Rita next at #3 & doggy doctor Doug ‘Daffy Doc’ Skinner sat #2 where I could better t’oar’ture him. Initially our threesome hit the water half the time and buried their swords the other half. Our first 30 minutes consisted of periods of ‘catch-a-crab’ chaos punctuated with occasional splashes of ‘grand-oar’. By the end of the second half hour we were no longer in fear of foundering from floundering and I think all involved were pleased with the progress we’d made. Most of my bow time was spent ‘setting’ the boat and coaching but ‘twas great fun to watch as the light bulbs slowly brightened! We remained dry, didn’t hit or hurt nuttin’ and by 1930 HRS we had all seen that glimmer of 'got-it'! We then proceeded to ‘grease’ our landing! YES!! We then learned we’d been handily ‘lapped’ by Cheryl and Dan but we didn’t care. We’d survived! Our next stop: bungalows, ‘Ben Gay’ & bed sheets.

From the evening email-bag: Robert ‘McBob’ Jedele“I thought I was going to be there but my McJob interfered!”
Danielle ‘Danimite’ McDowell (CGS)…”Things have been really crazy over here with managing events this summer.  I trained for a half marathon, and ran it in Chicago this past Sunday.  Hurricane conditions made it soggy, but I finished!  It felt awesome.  I still can’t walk correctly– I’m healing the ‘ol muscles from their 13 mile shindig. Keep me in mind for next week.”
Bernadette Teeley… “Next Wednesday at 5:30, instructor Budd Glassberg is leading a group from the BH to Rick’s Boatyard for dinner/appetizers/drinks/whatever. We would love for CULVER to join us. Leave BH 5:30 & return BH 7:00. We’ll have slings set up at Rick’s to cradle your boats.  Are you interested in joining us? (Yep…I sure want to do this!)

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


9/10/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

Blow out the candles, that is! We’re happy to report that, despite sporting a knee injury, Greencastle’s famed Robert “McBob” Jedele drove an hour+ on his natal day to assure himself of many more healthy birthdays to come. He tested on a Concept 2 erg and declared that his knee was ‘go to row’! Yessir! Speaking of being on the ‘injured list’…just a reminder that Sharon Evans …wife of our Crew ‘found’oar’ Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55)…is ‘temp’ down for the count. We wish her a speedy recovery!

Severe-clear above & flat blue/green below greeted six eager ‘Eaglers’ to the IRC. 1600 HRS: For only the second time this season my favorite ‘femme floatale’ Cap’n Gail made it in on a Wednesday! Although yawning ‘on fumes’ following a fatiguing flight-schedule she took a brief catnap (dognap?)! 1730 HRS: Following an hour of welcomed wallowing by our Rhodesian Ridgeback ‘Mr. T Rusty O’Toole’ Gail ‘rowed’ to the occasion!

 ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann teamed up with Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth to dunk a double while ’McBob’, Gail, Croatia-bound Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole & I commandeered a quad for an ‘Under the Southern Bridge’ run…avoiding copious hard-charging lady-8xs in passage! We eventually mugged for the Eagle Creek ‘web-cam’ then our bow ‘WOWER’ Gail ‘craned’ us safely home to a 1900 HRS ‘sweet-greaser’. Saving his knee from further flexing, ‘McBob’ chose to roll out of the boat with a loud thud (onto the ‘daffy dock’…not into the water-side)! Cool exit-strategy…sir!  

We may have a buyer for our antique (in-op) wooden 4x+! If we can strike a deal…perhaps we can purchase a modern (rowable) 4x+ or quad! What do you think? I’ll keep you apprised of the prospect. Finally...don't forget tomorrow...2001. We never will. 

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


9/03/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

I blew into Eagle Creek to thunderous applause…or was that a ’Thunder Clap’? Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60) did a short walk-about with me & ‘Mr. T’ while we awaited our remaining ‘rumpsters’. Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole…(next stop Croatia?) stopped by to commiserate with us. Another ’Thunder Clap’! ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann & Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth bolted by to say hi followed by ‘Dapper’ David Woll (sans ‘Sweeta’ Rita). Louder ’Thunder Clap’! Cell-phone rings…’McBob’ Jedele asks: “To row or not to row”? Loudest ’Thunder Clap’! Decision time…”Sorry Bro…no Row”! Rain sullies Dave’s ‘Great Pumpkin’ as he carves out of the IRC…followed quickly by the restuvus!  

The ‘reek’ of retreat permeates the air as we tuck our tails and head for parts unrowed! I’m glad to report that “McBob’s” gas-guzzle from Greencastle at least hooked him up with his son Tim for a brief bread & brew break. On the way home I multi-tasked by buying some dog food and recycling some crap. I also bought a dozen browns from a local farmer. How egg-citing is that? Whoopie! I got home but there was still no rain on my Morgan County okra! I do hope next hump-day will go better than this one. Hold the ‘two-tone kitty with the fluid drive’! No more SKUNKS, please? PHEW!    

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

8/27/08~Heads Up...Ready All...
”August’s ‘bout shot…what have we got?” 

We had 4 CULVER souls who again elected to leave politics & paychecks behind and do the one thing that keeps us heading down the  ‘rowed’!

1730 HRS: The IRC parking lot was once again full! The school kids have returned to the IRC...yippee! I walked one of my five BEST FRIENDS ‘Mr. T Rusty O’Toole’ down to the docks…scanning for CULVER ‘scullers‘ while we both scratched at August’s aggravations.

Soon Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth showed with a subtle ‘shimmer’ behind her shades. Our Crew’s ‘money-honey’ now has a new address. It's After 20 years of loyalty to her (former) company she is suddenly available to enrich someone else's biz with her keen accounting savvy. Make a note of it! In the mean time she indicates: “F'oar now I now have absolutely no excuse to miss a Wednesday”!

With ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann rowing #1 as ‘bow-scout’…Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole squinting behind his funky shades in #2…Cheryl in #3 and me tailing up the butt-spot…(should I rephrase that?) we floated a great quad "Deliverance Run” this evening! Before we ‘shallowed’ out…we managed to say howdy to about a ‘Blue million’ Great Herons as we sweated north to the I-65 Bridge. We also missed a ‘Maroon million’ of you Great Ones tonight as well! I’d personally like to thank ‘one eye blind’ Rollie for persevering!

Following another of Dan’s delicious ‘greased landings’ we enjoyed watching some ‘New kids on the Dock’ prove that Mike Phelps ain’t the only swimmer on the planet. Of course…Eagle Creek’s recent blue/green algae ‘buoyancy’ helped just a tadpole? 1900 HRS: ‘Twas time for serious showers, downshifts, hovel, shovel & sheets!

That’s Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


8/20/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

”Take two ‘Sucrets’ & call me in the morning!”

Excuses: We were (sadly) a no-show-row this week. Too many reported that they couldn’t come out to play. Keep the faith, hope for next week, & try to 'work in' an erg! Meanwhile…I'm savin’ gas & mowin’ grass.

"Row’bere: I think ‘ain't’ because I am scheduled to pick up #2 from airport in early pm and then have to chase him the rest of the day. Since he is too little to sub for Ben, I'll look forward to next week. (Although ‘twould be interesting to have him in a controlled environment/small space)!" Don 'Barney' Nixon (’60).  “Still smilin’…see ya soon!”

"Row’bere: The doctor cleared me -- too late for this week, but I should be all the more ready next week.” Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole  ”All eyes strain for your pain!”

“Row’bere: Thanks for the heads up on my phone.  I couldn’t have made it since I am in Idaho moving Paul in.” Robert McBob’ Jedele  “ Huzzah! We'll keep a crew-light on for you & Tim next week plus the weeks that follow! We ate 'Russets' in Paul's honor tonight!

 “Row’bere: Darn it Bob…and I was going this week!" Doug ‘Daffy Doc’ Skinner

“Had you let me know YESTERDAY)…you & I could’ve taken a double!” 

“Row’bere: Sorry, I'm no-go this week.  I'll be in Muncie for a test and tune on the racecar.” ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann “VROOM”!

“Row’bere: My apologies for my disappearing act. I still look forward to your weekly emails, and I still hope to make it out at some point. My music career has blossomed and Wednesday is the day everyone I know wants to rehearse, or spend time in the studio recording our (second) album. Best wishes to all, and to all a good row." Ryan ‘Swampman’ Marsh (CNS Band '98) "TOOT"!

“Row’bere: Out for the next 2 weeks. Could you have us trained & set for the 2012 Olympics in a quad?" ‘Dapper’ Dave & ‘Sweeta’ Rita Woll. "You might want 2 oth’oars on board? Me…Me…Me…Me!"

“Row’bere: Bob, I won’t be able to row this week - it's my fantasy football draft.  I tried to get it scheduled for another day, but majority won. I should be there next week." Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth "Fantasizing is OK but remember...we're real pretence! That's a good thing...right?" PS: 8/27/ looks good!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


8/13/08~Heads Up...Ready All...‘

Bridge, anyone?’

1730 HRS: ‘Barney’ has a sadness to assuage, ‘Krab’ a boo-boo, the ‘McBob’s have ‘McBob’ stuff to deal with and ‘Dapper’ has ditto. Will we have enough hands to get hot this 'Humpday'?

“Cicadas & calm seas were the rule when I arrived at the IRC. I walked ‘Mr. T Rusty O’Toole’ down to the docks (he donated…I disposed) then we returned to the car and I commissioned him to stay and guard the car (& cox-box…I doubt we’ll need it tonight). Just as I’d visualized, ’Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth and lonnnnggg missed Nancy ‘Kickin’ Kuliesis drove up ‘en caravan’ all three buff & begging to give Beijing a battle. Looks like ‘Quad City’ tonight…YES!

1750 HRS: Since our favorite ‘daffy dock’ was covered in ‘Canada crap' we hauled our oars to the alternate entry. So far, so good! Hole-in-the-water, ‘Westward Ho’, then a quick bank south earned us clean clearance to the 56th Street Bridge. Momma Nancy crabbed 2 'rusty' quickies then settled into a smooth ride-a-bike ‘row-teen’! Bowman Dan thrilled & amazed with a squeaky-clean gold-medal Bridge-Buster! Cue the echoes…Yee, Haw!

We blew past ‘Hobie Beach’, then former CULVER crewman ‘Seni'oar’ Dave Emhardt’s (CMA ‘48) digs and the Eagle Creek web cam/buoy…SMILE <):-}! Our turn-around stop was Rick’s Boatyard. We were on a 5mile ‘Head-trip’. Best ‘set & speed’ in memory! We won (but Beijing didn’t see us)! My fear of a no-row-night blew south ‘neath an August gust of ‘4-Lucky’! The trip home went as smooth as Ginny’s (‘Kickin’s’ li’l lady) gluteus. Sailboats were swarming...a regatta was forming...while Dan helped us nail our 2nd bridge passage & final landing. 1910 HRS: We enjoyed something unique tonight. Thanks good friends. Next stop Beijing? Better yet...‘bowls, beds & beyond’ (cue the cicadas ‘ZZZZ’)!” 

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)



8/06/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

‘Summer time & the scullin’ is easy…fish are jumpin’ and the Reservoir’s high!’

 “Hi there…ho there…row there! I’ve recovered nicely from my physical and emotional stuff & would like to thank all who sent notes of solace concerning the passing of my stepfather Howard 'Doc' Liebengood. I forwarded all the notes to my mom, Helen. She’s now happily headed west to re-visit our hometown (Guymon, Oklahoma) plus her “lil sis" in New Braunfels, Texas. At the service I learned that 'Howie' of 'Doc's' grandsons...has begun rowing on the Potomac recently and loves it (both the river & the rowing). I actually assembled his original crib (seriously)! He apparently survived the experience.

Meanwhile six members of the CULVER Club of Indianapolis Rowing Team headed west to the IRC on ‘Eagle Ocean’ for our weekly Wet~nes~day work-out. I oar’rived early to walk my dog “Mr. T Rusty O’Toole”. He was ‘hugely relieved’ by the experience and I now know why he’s been acting strangely the past few days. He’s now seriously OK (and yes, Bernadette…I properly disposed of his very sincere ‘donation’)!

A quad became “de-rigger” for bowman ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, ‘Dapper’ David Woll, our crew's “money honey” Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth, and ‘Y’oars Truly’ (CMA ’60). Rollie ‘Krab King’ Cole ushered ‘Sweeta’ Rita Woll onto a double…or was that to a double/double? The first one had a leakage issue (no 'Depends’ on hand) while the second one happily stayed afloat! 1800 HRS: No ‘sinking feeling’ tonight…although there were a few jawesome ‘al-log-ators’ lurking in the lanes. Thanks bowman Dan for your cautious 'craning’! Good set, good session! Good (live) music up at the Marina kept us company throughout our evening ‘oar-deal’. About 7500 meters later we were hatcheting homeward when Dan caught a fish. He did! “He don’t need no stinkin’ bait...he R one”! One of the many ‘jumping jewels’ along our shining path this evening landed in Dan’s lap. He didn’t catch no stupid 'crab'...just a sappy crappie...happy when Dan returned him to his pappy!

1930 HRS: We left the lake late…accompanied by the music of tree frogs. 'Twas a ‘Tree Frog Night’ (there were probably more than that 'trilling' in the traces)? Finally…according to the BRI “Bathroom Readers Institute” Volume #15 (on loan from my neighbor Fred Jungclaus…CMA ’60) “The most frequently used noun in the English language is 'way'" So...“Way ‘Nuff”!
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


7/30/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


It comes to us all from time to time but we press on…one stroke at a time. On Sunday, July 27th…2 days before his 93rd birthday…Howard ‘Doc’ Liebengood of Silverlake, IN (my stepfather for almost 41 years) took his final stroke. His beautiful ‘river crossing’ took place on Saturday, August 2nd in North Manchester. My sincere thanks goes to crew & friends for your buoying words. In the wake of my circumstance…Crewman Cole took the ‘Key Stroke’ for our latest CCIRT Chronicle. Thanks, Rollie:

”With our usual scribe ‘Cowboy’ Bob gone, I had to step into his ‘row-boy’ boots and stroke a 4+ in his absence. Joining us were ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann doing double duty as pilot & #1, Cheryl ‘Huff-n-Puff’ Huth as our frugal-2-gal and Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60) in his frequent back2stroke spot. A ‘newbie’ was ‘Barney's’ man Benjamin (Don's 7 year old grandson) who served as our cox! Ben made coxswain history--(a) he was quiet (when was any cox quiet?) & (b) his hips fit in the seat! It’s been years, if ever, that our group has had a coxswain that left that much space between hip’nship!

Between ‘Dangerous’ doing the piloting plus ‘royal relaying’ from ‘Y’oars Truly’ (the ‘Krab King’)…we made it to the north end…to the south end…back to the Marina (although there was a not-too-surprising voice suggesting ‘BARNWARD?’ earlier)…and then home to the dock. The combination of a good ‘pivotal pilot’ plus a coxswain led us to perhaps our best ‘greased’ landing ever (in a 4+…at least)!

1845 HRS: We were off the water…but thanks to mugginess (plus an ‘empty’ threat of thunder)…we were appropriately ‘oared out’.
Here's hoping our young coxswain can return and that neither pain nor rain will keep us from even more fun next week.”
                                                                                      Rollie Krab King Cole

 That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


7/23/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

‘Wetting Vows’!

“True to their word 10 tried & true CULVER ‘Crewed Ones’ attended our weekly summer ‘sweat’oar’ and they were all a perfect fit! 1730 HRS: I oar’rived to a quiet crib, did some stretches, walked ‘Mr. T’ & ‘Sapphire’ (2 of 5 ‘woofs’) and unlocked the barn. ‘All Relieved’ we headed back to the lot and I reloaded my 2 live-in car alarms. That’s when I discovered Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole sitting in his new ride…all shaded & cellular. Welcome back good friend…it’s been too long!  

My classmate Don “Barney” Nixon (CMA ’60) was fast on our heels and by 1745 HRS our ranks had swelled to five with the quiet oar’rival of Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth followed by a ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ gravel~greeting from “Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann as he ‘Saturned’ into the parking lot! YOUNG’uns! Gotta love ‘em! They sure give us ‘geezer guys’ something to remember!

1750 HRS: “Sweeta” Rita & “Dapp’oar” David Woll didn’t disappoint when their ‘Great Pumpkin’ appeared…followed by Robert “Mc Bob” & his two awesome offspring...Tim “Titan” & Paul “Pecs” Jedele. So once again…there were ten! Now what? Almost a ‘cc’ of last week! While ‘Barney’ & ‘Dangerous’ suited for singles our 8x- launched for Ports (and Starboards) unknown. After a while we DID get to ‘know’ one other and actually managed a great row with fewer crabs caught than last week. We 'sweated' to one screeching halt thanks to a Pontoon Boat crossing our bow up at the Marina plus we managed to dodge a boat-length 'al~log~ator' looming LARGE in lane 2.

Before we bailed for Brats, Beer, Bayer and Bed we bid a Bon Voyage to Paul ‘Pecs’ Jedele who’s soon hitching his hide to a honey named Kara. Sure hope they row…in Idaho! “Love ya man! Drop in any time…bring us back a coxswain someday?” We hope that his Ball State~bound brother Tim can float the gas and keep his ‘arse’ in our arsenal this fall. Their pop ‘McBob’ sent me this: 
 ”We didn’t get home till 1:00am from Paul’s last “Pint Night” at ROCK BOTTOM! GPS STATS...Distance Traveled: 8860 Kilometers (5.52 miles). Moving Av speed: 7.6 KPM (4.6 MPH). Water time: 1 hr 18 min. Av speed includes the time we weren’t rowing.  While we were at a steady pace we were at about 6.2 MPH and when we did the Power 10 we hit 8.2 MPH.”

A short ‘Wetting Song’ for Paul and Kara…with apologies to the Book of Ruth: “Whither thou rowest there…also will I row! And where thou lodgest there…also will I (ski) lodge!”

Finally this missive oar’rived on Tuesday: ”Thanks for letting me Crew on your boat last week. I think I’m recovering. I got to meet some New Muscles in my body! I will re-join you one of these Wednesdays. I am doing a Red Cross class tomorrow night. Say hi to the gang…especially Rita and Dave. Ahoy Mates!” Kathy Sax
 That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


7/16/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


1730 HRS: Anticipating a ‘hot time’ in our old favorite ‘hole-in-the-water’, I blew into the IRC ‘boat' the same time as Don “Barney” Nixon (CMA ’60). By 1745 HRS our ranks had swelled to four with the oar’rival of Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth & “Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann. Two 'cells calls' alerted me that six more fannies were hot on our trails. 1750 HRS: Just as Dan was opening the barn…in r’oared Robert “Mc Bob” Jedele and his 2 sons...Tim “Titan” & Paul “Pecs”. Next “Sweeta” Rita & “Dapp’oar” Dave Wolls ‘oar’rived bearing a ‘fit-as-a-fiddle’ female friend Kathy (Cathy?) eager to join our maritime misfits. So then there were 10 (our 'newbee' handily survived the oardeal)!

After 'mulling' the math we 'offed' some wasps and launched our (again) ‘coxless’ 8x (hey...the lake WAS empty!) plus 2 singles with "Barney” & “Dangerous” in command. The single sculls left us in a blaze of “gl’oary” while we (with me at stroke) attempted to 'sweep' into a crabless rhythm...enjoying a sweet breeze. After several starts & stops dissing & cussing…I mean…discussing the merits & manner of boat-set we successfully managed a 1½ hr ‘barn burn’! Once again bowman “McBob’s” deep-fried eyeballs kept us safe from wreck & ruin and his $150 hand-held GPS (not exactly water proof!) showed at our float’s end that we'd achieved: 5.39 miles or 8680 Meters. Average moving speed 3.9 MNH or 6.2 KPH (kilometers per hour). 
What began as a ‘crab-fest’ ended up with us purt’near ‘in sync’! What began as a cool ‘pool session’ ended up as a real ‘sweat fest’! Any breeze that we originally had…‘bit the dusk’! “Barney” was the first to bail for the barn (‘well duh!?’) followed by “Dangerous”…followed by our 8x! Stinking Tee shirts et al...we had a ball...with enough ‘crabs' aboard to feed an army! Speaking of which…I’m starving! After greasing another ‘blind’ landing we quickly bedded our beast (thanks Dan for your hand) and pointed our blood, sweat and rears for pubs, pads, pain pills & pillows.              
 That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


7/09/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

STR~~OK! (McSuper~Sized?)

At long last we realized that all hasn’t been lost in CCIRT history (or hers?) due to our persistently nagging float-day foul weather. ‘Blue above & green below’ (James Whitcomb Riley) greeted me as I arrived and opened the doors to an empty IRC for a young couple anxious to 'erg'. Ah…sweet birds of…youth!

Despite the 'excused absences' of (normal?) ‘loyals’ “Sweeta” Rita & “Dapper” Dave Woll, Don “Barney” Nixon (CMA ’60) and Rollie “Crab King” Cole we finally floated our flagship after four weeks of fits & fizzles. ‘Newbie’ expert Danielle “Danimite” McDowell is still dancing off her ‘CHA-CHA’ jobligations and hopes to rejoin us soon.

1730 HRS: Our 'wetnesday' evening row'ster included our CCIRT money magician Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth…“Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann…Robert “Mc Bob” plus his two (read that ‘TOO infrequent’) sinewy sons...Tim “The Titan” & Paul “Pecs” Jedele. Then there were 6 (including your humble 'scribe'). We ached to take our 8x out so we urged our “Young & Sweaty” eager ‘ergers’ to sign on board. Thanks Emma & Will…wherever you are! You filled us up!

The empty lake (that’s a good 'thang’...considerin') was purt'near ours in our coxless 8X! The good news is…our boat still floats…the bad news is…we burned a lot of daylight chasing “Mickey & the Mud-Daubers” from our magic ride before we could even ‘bob’ the bay! Emma needed to bail early so I as "Coxboy Bob" (read 'stroke'?) kept the session short & sweet (sorry Paul…I felt your pain!) but we sure had a well-balanced BALL for ‘bout an hour! 1855 HRS: Great ‘blind’ landing thanks to bowman ‘McBob’ and his deep-fried eyeballs!

I learned upon leaving the lake that “Pecs” is gittin’ hitched real soon. Kara must be a super-catch to beach that bucket-o-brawn! Let our ‘Coeur d’Alene’ (Idaho) hearts follow them west!

My mom’s Saturday~scheduled 90th Birthday celebration at CULVER Military Academy was delayed by weather so we had a better time on Monday instead…thanks to Alan Loehr & his distaff staff! Careening the campus by golf-cart kept my mother Helen, “Cap’n” Gail, Gail's 85 year old cousin Paul (an old CULVER 'wannabee' from Rochester) and me gawkin’ & talkin’ a while! My impromptu ‘Chanting in the Chapel’ really felt great! Sure beats my shower for a great echo! I even had an unnexpected audience! Some lovely (hidden in the balcony) lady from Ohio…OhioOhiogave me a (SURPRISE) kudo...kudo...kudo! WOW! But why was she almost crying...crying...crying? Meanwhile the ‘Max’ swam with sunshine, sand, sails and a swarm of savvy young sailors.

  Our evening Lake Shore Drive “Edgewater Grill” feast was happily interrupted by a sweaty
(fighting WoodCraft war-canoes down the ‘Tippy’) class-mate Bill Walaitis (CMA ’60), his sister and a phalanx of ‘Helen’s Happy Huggers’. A delightful (surprise!) time was had by all! Thank you guys! You’re the best and mom had a blast! She really appreciated all your cards and gifts. The card sent from our CCIRT crew founder Robert “Reggie” Evans (CMA ’55) sure had her seeing red (hair) again! ‘Nuff said ‘bout that. 'Sea' ya soon?

PS: I just resurrected my computer from email death...thus this long t'oar'ture. Sorry...accccchhhh!!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

7/02/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


For the 3rd Wednesday in a row the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team was struck by that "two-toned kitty with the fluid drive"! Yep...we got "skunked" again by stinkin' weather! Rollie "Crab-King" Cole and I drove out to Eagle Ocean (Rollie's got a new ride...his old "Bug" finally bit it!) and I apologize to any one else who might have showed up after we left. I forgot to bring my phone list with me to the lake. Hope Don "Barney" Nixon got Rollie's voice-mail in time. Cheryl "Huff'nPuff" Huth  & "Sweeta" Rita Woll had the good sense to phone me before setting out. Starboard's Danielle "Danimite" McDowell E-ported she was again tied-up tackling her "Cha-Cha" (Brickyard and Tennis) jobligations. She hopes to be back aboard early August. "Dapp'oar" David Woll was out of town this week on some clandestine mission. I asked the gatehouse lady to watch out for Dan and Andy and alert them before they paid to get into the Park. Hopefully next Wednesday will finally work out for a few of us to float...something?!

On Saturday (July 12th) Gail and I are heading up to CULVER to (birthday) treat my mother to a day-tour of the campus, dinner at the Edgewater Grill followed by the famous "Moonlight Serenade" on lake Max that evening. My mom's turning 90 soon. Wait...does that mean that I'm...uh...? NAH! Have a BLAST on the 4th but try not to lose too many any fingers…you may actually need them someday....for rowing?      
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

6/11/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

“Six with sticks”!

After a week of Flood…‘twas time for Blood…Sweat & Rears! Rollie “Crab King” Cole helpfully phoned in his brief ‘delay of game’ as I entered the IRC. No sweat…yet. While I was ‘unwatering’ my dog (Mr. T. Rusty O’Toole)…‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann braked his Red Rocket to a soft landing while ‘Right Arm’ Rita & ‘Dapp’oar’ Dave Woll planted their Great Pumpkin. Then there were 4…set to sweat! Rollie ramped in…then our treasured Treasurer Cheryl “Huff’nPuff” Huth sealed the deal. 'Twas gonna be 6 with ‘sticks’!

1730 HRS and counting…the math directed us to lug a quad and a double down to the lumpy lagoon. Hats off to the Wolls…new to sculling…’T’ain’t easy, McGee’! Both boats spent a conservative hour dodging post/storm ‘allogators’ everywhere and learning scull skill. Bloodied but not broken we managed a safe return to terra firma before setting sail for soup and sack.

 Thanks ‘Huff’ for your TREASURED help…at both BANKS! Rumor has it you're turning 50 this week-end. Could we see some ID, please?! ‘Newbee’ Rita says she enjoys my ‘flowery’ Crew Chronicles. Flowery Crew Chronicles? I wasn’t aware that they were ‘flowery’! I suppose I do frequently refer to our weekly CULVER ‘Rows’? May our ‘Rows’ stay in bloom for many seasons to come! <);-}

 WATER ALERT! The IRC no longer proffers (expen$ive) bottled water. So…next time BYO! Makes sense to me…IRC's ‘liquidity’ can be better dispensed.                  

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


5/28/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


1730 HRS: I pulled into an eerily empty IRC expecting the worst in weather. Wait! There awaiting me was crewman Rollie 'Crab King' Cole. Keep the faith, 'Rowbere'! We hiked to the 'daffy dock' anticipating cold-windy-Wednesday-chop (Cc of last week?) but instead we found a lazy lake reflecting a sapphire-sweet sky!

We quickly unlocked the ‘barn’ and soon Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60) & ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann joined f’oarces with us…so then there were 4? ‘Handy’ Andy Gilman was still expected to show so at 1755 HRS our squad hauled a ‘quad’…plus a 'single' (Barney’s) down to the halcyon-swept shore. Andy showed…we rowed…then...what the...!?

Way ‘nuff’! Who dat? “What to our wond’oaring eyes should we spy but delayed Rita Wolls...and her David close by”! So then there were 7!! 'Barney' smartly (what would you expect?) pivoted back to the 'daffy' & our quad followed suit. Rollie & Don…with the Wolls in tow…bailed to the barn to cop a second ‘quad’ and we all finally launched on a northern tack. For an hour ++ Dan, Andy & I managed to muscle our ‘one-missing-man’ missile up & down then up & barn. Meanwhile, ‘rah-rahed’ by Rollie... our ‘compleat’ quad completed a delightful ‘tour de f’oars’ of our now-famous CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team northern 'Deliverance Run’ (cue the dueling banjos?)! I wonder if they spotted my illusive Yellow-Crowned Night Heron?  

1930 HRS: A big “atta-buoy” goes out to our 3 first-time scullers...Andy, Rita & David! Minimum crab alerts...either report! Finally here's this week’s E~Creek E-grets:

From: Eileen Froehlke: "Man...I was held in a meeting that ran over.  I hope you all have a great time out on the water tonight!" (‘No-lean’…we survived sans-coxswain tonight but please don't forget us)!  Bob Jedele: "Sorry...I'll not be able to leave Greencastle soon enough!" (Note... we did keep a slide open for you, McSir).  Ryan Marsh: "I wish I could...  My band is playing a show tonight, so I will not be able to make it. Next week?" (Hey 'Swampman'...hope you can)!  Danielle McDowell: "I'm in...if the weather holds up!" (Dear 'Danimite':  It held up...were you 'held up')?
 That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


5/21/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


1715 HRS: I hit the barn (I'm still sorta shivering) to find a small but hungry crew waiting to be fed fettle. Sadly the N’oars gods said ‘Way Nuff’ due to stronger than strong winds. The "Daffy" was definitely damp and dangerous. Although “The Barn” was (logically) locked...we still took time to peruse our abuse and finally decided death by drowning was not a sensible option.

Thanks a boat-load to the “wishful” Dave & Rita Wolls, “Dangerous” Dan Kirchmann, “Handy” Andy Gilman (& friend Ryan) plus Robert “McBob” Jedele (et fis) for traveling out hoping to take the plunge with us tonight. Bummer guys! Next week cries out to us all!

The following are E~grets received today:

 Bob, Unfortunately I won't be able to make it tonight.  I have a Dr. appointment. Also, next week may be a challenge due to work deadlines, but I'll make it if I can. Thanks, Cheryl L. Huth
Hey guys!  wish I could make it today, but I have a nasty flu.  Look out for it…I couldn’t even keep water down yesterday.  Using today to rest up before this big Memorial Day weekend. Good luck, and hope the crabs are lenient today! “Danomite” McDowell

Bad news for rowing...daughter-in-law's uncle died and I have to do child-care with three-year old grandson. Good news - same facts, have child-care with three-year old grandson. Hope to see you next week. Thanks...and warm regards…Don Nixon II

As you guessed, we missed twice. The first time, I showed up, and Don started there, but turned back because it started raining during a  traffic slowdown. Unfortunately, the weather had passed over Eagle Creek and the juniors were out, so we could have rowed (been a contenda.....). The second time, I had jobligations (church meeting), but the weather was bad, so I assumed no one showed. This time, I have jobligations (church meeting) again(!) so I will NOT show (sigh......), but wish you welcome back and good rowing. I should be OK for the forseeable future after that -- I am trying to keep Wednesdays free...Rollie "Crab King" Cole.
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


4/30/08~Heads Up...Ready All...

Blow Hard!!

I’m Robert Glaze and I approve this (brief) I’ve ‘elected’ to go on vacation!

“Gail and I blew in early to the IRC to: (1) walk our dogs. (2) beat traffic and (3) chase the wasps out of our old Vespoli 8X. So much for good intentions…I still got nailed in the arm following our evening on the aqua!

1745 HRS: Rollie 'Crab King Cole', ‘newbies’ Dave & Rita Woll (Rollie’s pals), Don 'Barney' Nixon (CMA ’60), Cheryl 'Huff’nPuff' Huth and 'Dangerous' Dan Kirchmann joined us for a swamp/romp in the swells with Gail agreeing to act as coxswain. She agreed after basking in the realization that she’ll be able to ‘bust her behind’ in Bonaire diving & sailing…this weekend! So then there were 8!

We’d just lugged our bugger down to the bay when our newest treasure Danielle 'Danimite' McDowell (CGA ’02) appeared in time (avoiding all the heavy lifting but not the heavy seas) to fill the #5 slide. So now there were 9!

Rollie tut’oared D’nR  through their break-in & the 'breakers' and we thoroughly enjoyed a royal 'wetting'. To be sure...'tis a water sport! 1850 HRS: Gail greased our landing with a whole lotta help from the boward. Missed (due to jobligations) were our newest coxswain Eileen 'No Lean!' Froehlke & Ryan 'Swampman' Marsh (NB). 

Gail and I will be in abstentia for the next two sessions but encourage all oth’oars to take the plunge. Paging Andy Gilman, Josh Hayes, Doug Skinner, Robert Evans, Dawn Smith et al? I just realized I have our coxbox! I pray Bernadette can loan you one until Gail and I return!    

Finally…Thanks to 'Danimite' for her valuable observations/contributions, to Don Nixon for his dollar$ added to our 'splash' fund…also a great big 'Atta Girl' goes to Cheryl Huth for agreeing to assume the role of CCIRT Trea$urer. You are all treasures in my boat/book and I look forward to returning to rowing on May 21st! Gail hopes to row again sometime this summer…likely not until July. 'May' all of you Crewed Ones find still waters and we'll see you down the lanes!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


4/23/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


Prepping for my pending vacation...I was on a fast track and running late. Of course that scenario oft leads to stupid moves. I was attempting to enter ‘Eagle Ocean’ by way of 71st street and got turned around. My fuzzy brain finally focused and, thanks to a compass, I realized my error and eventually entered the IRC at 1750 HRS. I was met by the frustrated stares of  Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Ryan ‘Swampman’ Marsh (CULVER~NB) and Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60). After waiting a few more ticks…the math led us to conclude: A Quad & a Single…Yipee! ‘Crab King’ gave ‘Swamp Man’ some schooling in sculling then ‘Barney’ led the parade northward in the single. We happily let him act as ‘mine sweeper’as there are still copious springtime ‘al-log-ators’ lurking in & around the lanes!

Upon approaching the north end our ‘Quad squad’ heard the subtle strains of  ‘Dueling Banjos’. Was it time for a ‘Deliverance Run’? A unanimous 'YES' echoed! With flexible young bowman Dan craning for ‘crocks’ we zig-zagged on sheer glass wilderness northward toward the I65 bridge. Magical moments passed as we conjectured if we could actually do the bridge…sadly not this day. Creeping shallowness forced us to 'rotatoe-potatoe' and barge back out of the Bajou. “WOW! What is that, Rollie”?! “A stork?”…he surmised. Turns out it was a gorgeous Yellow-Crowned Night Heron…hunts at night but frequently is seen feeding by day. A first sighting for me! Hey…there’s more than Eagles at Eagle Creek! We then headed south to the 56th street bridge…then back to the barn @ 1930 HRS. Where were others this eve? Upon arriving home I had these two ‘E-grets’:

Bob…”My goal was to have my oldest son take my middle son to drivers ed. at 6:30 tonight but the starter in his truck went out. It looks like I will be carting everyone around tonight. Drivers ed is short lived…thank goodness! Dawn Smith”.

Bob…”I’ve just been slammed with 3 projects due by tomorrow at work and I’m not going to be able to make it out to row today.  I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, but my company is sponsoring the Indy 500, and there are a lot of huge deadlines that are looming and we’re scrambling to get things accomplished.  Please send my sincere regrets to the team. Danielle ‘Danimite’ McDowell  |  Marketing Communication Manager” (CGS)

Thanks, ladies! Cap'n Gail hopes to meet you next week. Great sculling by quick-study Ryan tonight…his first time holding two oars. He also plays French horn. That ain’t easy either…’nuff said! Thanks Dan for the dollars…our CCIRT ‘splash fund’ now stands at $511.63. A Robert Carter (N'00) has expressed an interest in us by way of CULVER friend Bill McLane. Hopefully RC will drag BM out with him!! 
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


4/16/08~Heads Up...Ready All...


Hola 'Crewed Ones': "Once More into the Spray”! ‘Tis the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team’s 15th season and time again for ‘butts, boats & blisters’. Our mission statement: ‘To work our funny bones as well as our buns’! It was great to finally meet new IRC Boathouse manager Bernadette Marten Teeley (Eric the ‘Wizard of Oars’ Stoll retired last year). She sure brings a lot of positive energy to the boathouse! 1740 HRS: Four first-timers joined foar’ces with four faithfuls to launch our 8x+ and challenge the ‘chop’ born of a strong SW wind. Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth and Y’oars truly were joined by 3 ‘new to us’ awesome oarspersons. We welcome, with open oarlocks, Danielle ‘Danimite’ McDowell (CULVER/Notre Dame…starboard sweep & scull), Eileen ‘No Lean!’ Froehlke (Danielle’s ND teammate…coxswain, starboard/port sweep & scull) and Ryan ‘Swampman’ Marsh (CULVER Naval Band ’98…heavy surfboat/IU port sweep). Rounding out the ‘row’ster’ was ‘Huff’nPuff’s’ 16 year-old nephew ‘newbie’ Josh Hayes. We sailed with an empty #5 seat for two reasons: ‘newbie’ Dr. Doug Skinner arrived too late to get on board plus our 5th seat was missing (hate when that happens)! Bernadette’s busy ‘seining’ for it.

After more than an hour of ‘Dreissigacker Drills‘ under ‘No Lean!’s’ tactical & tactful tutelage (plus dodging Eagle Creek al’log’ators) we finally surrendered to the waxing wind & waves. ‘Bucking’ us back to the barn 'NL!' greased our landing at the ‘daffy’ dock where late oar’river ‘Dock-tor’ Doug Skinner helped us wrestle our ride to its roost. Great beginning…’cept we sure miss our CCIRT founder Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA’55) who’s off nursing some ‘grungies’. We all agreed that…after 15 years…we would move our start time ahead to 1730 HRS  thanks to Daylight Savings time. This should make ‘jobligation’ commutes easier for all crewmen. After a moment of groveling…pleading with ‘Swamp Man’, ‘Danimite’, ‘No Lean!’ & Josh (‘nick’ pending) to return…we turned our attentions to fort, family, food & futon. 
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


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