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2007 Culver Crew Chronicles

"Heads Up, Ready All...
'Roll out those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Sm'oars!'

1700 HRS: Dear CULVER 'Crewed Ones': 8 oars to be precise! The CCIRT was ripe to kiss another Summer solstice on the IRC chops! Coming...all set to say sigh'n'oar~a to Spring were...Rollie ''Crab King'' Cole (plus daughters Isabel & Madeline), Don ''Barney'' Nixon (CMA '60), ''Dangerous" Dan Kirchmann, Maureen ''Mo~Betta'' Bell, Cheryl ''Huff'nPuff'' Huth (she sed she'd finally fed her 'Red Cats' way~nuff), coxswain Paula ''Hollywood'' Frederick (kissin' cuz to our Supreme Command'oar ''Reggie'' Evans), and Y'oars Truly. We didn't have to doff our 'Doctors' to count to 8x+...LUV this math! Following a brief de-nesting of our Eaglex8 we dashed down to the 'Daffy Dock' to ply the pond for another well-set sweat session. Thanks a MILLION to "Maddy" for moaning along with our madding crowd of Maroons on this hot hump-day. We pray she'll continue to pursue our passion down the 'rowed'! A-log-gators laced the lanes as we nudged our way northward, southward, northward then homeward. As we Spring into Summer I leave you some see-worthy ideas from our latest 'squared & buried' Irish treas~oar (UNC grad & oarswoman) Maureen "Mo Betta" Bell:
Hi Guys - I don't think that I've ever sat in the bow more than once or twice in my life but really liked it yesterday. I could see what the whole boat is doing and no one can see me! Here are some things I observed yesterday ("A Bow's eye view") :

1) Very good setting of the boat - good consistent hand heights.
2) Good slide control on the recovery (not rushing to the catch).
3) I noticed that the entire boat is using a "flip" catch which is usually a no-no except in high winds. I think the flip catch leads to a pause at the catch and the motion of the stroke becomes less fluid. There is one drill in particular that we can do to help this called "Pause at Body Over": After you finish your stroke, you pause when your hands are at your knees then you start to roll up the blade. When you get to your ankles you should be squared up and ready to drop the blade in. This drill also helps with "body prep" - getting ready for and making the most of each stroke.
4) Most people in the boat tend to have a short, quick stroke. This was especially evident when we picked up boat speed ("ramming speed"). Longer strokes paired with good slide control will really "send" the boat. We can lengthen the stroke by working in particular on the catch and the finish and by using the entire slide. There are some good drills where you use just your outer arm or inner arm to isolate different parts of the stroke.
5) It is important to relax your inner shoulder and lean towards your rigger especially while moving up the slide. The coxswain should be able to see all the way to the back to the bow seat when we are at the catch.
6) I had a great time last night - you guys are so much fun!!! and you get a good workout in too. Take care - Mo Bell :-)
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 6/27/07

"Heads Up, Ready All...G'row'L!
1700 HRS: CULVER 'Crewed Ones': As I was arriving at the IRC it sounded as if the N'oars gods of Rowing were bingeing on beer & burritos next door. Fortunately they kept their 'party' north of Eagle Ocean for another couple of hours. This allowed our small (but sincere) CCIRT contingent to bolt onto the aqua long enough to satisfy our passion for splashin' before the 'belchin' got too bad. Soaking up our first (official) 'summer hump-day' were: Rollie ''Crab King'' Cole (plus daughter Isabel), Don ''Barney'' Nixon (CMA '60), ''Dangerous" Dan Kirchmann and Y'oars Truly. After~the~math we sashayed a single ("Barney's" fav 'barge de jour') plus a quad for the restovus down to the 'Daffy' dock and sculled the scum for a happy hour of hind-ends & hamstrings.
1840 HRS: We were glad to see a large group of (TEAM INDY) 'newbees' just hitting the slops as we docked...they even helped us grease our landing. Thanks, guys! I later learned that a couple of them are members of Rollie's church. Can we hear an "Alleluia"? We pray that they will religiously attend to their training then eventually donate Wednesday's to our cong'oargation! Our next session falls on July 4th and I assumed that most would bail on us. Actually...we may have a small quorum of crazies set to sparkle and set the pond on fire. Let me know if y'oar one~of~em ASAP so I can assemble an expected r'owster!
Finally...the weather gods decided to move their party south to my digs and greeted me with a drownpour of affection. Thanks guys! "Hope it turns my brown~grass green!" Oh...I also observed a lonnng Black Rat Snake seeking shelter from the storm in our garage just as my garage door was closing. Yes...(s)he's still there...somewhere. Just this past Monday we (eventually) got a lady Downy Woodpecker out of our garage (in there maybe 15 hours?) by using an aquarium fish-net. Worked great! Our fear-filled feathered-one finally 'swam' to the a 'flicker'! We're happy her schedule won't include snake ingestion. May the rest of this week go 'swimmingly' for you as well!
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 7/18/07

"Heads Up, Ready All...’CRAB’ RULES!
Cap’n Gail was (again) busy doing her part to keep UNITED AIRLINES afloat in spite of itself (those water landings really reek)! Meanwhile, I was off to sweat on the Indy eastside...doing my "e~steamed" best (always remembering my ‘advanced age’!) as one of 3 judges confronting 29 ‘nimble nubiles’ competing in the Marion County Fair Queen contest. While old broadcast buddies Tom Akins, Tracie Wells and I were busy with corn dogs and cutie critique...CCIRT’S Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole rowed / wrote the following Crew Chronicle...thanks ‘Crabman’:
July 18th -- With the Glazes flying and ‘Fairing’ for their fodd’oar there was no accounting for Cheryl, Nancy was out to flower and Roger was somewhere on the ‘electric’ highway, we thought we would be few...and we were! We had ‘Is~Belle’ Cole, no ‘Mo’ Bell while ‘Command'oar’ Reggie Evans was too ‘un~hip’ to row (hip bruise from a fall). Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick graciously volunteered to be Paula ‘Holly'oared’, so we launched a quad with ‘Y’oars Crabbly’ sitting stroke, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann showed up & sat #3, ‘Is~Belle’ sat #2, and ‘Holly'oared’ #1. As we were pulling away from the dock (with the boat slightly starboard) who should show up but Don ‘Barney’ Nixon. We off'oared Paula (beloved coxswain) to go back ashore and help us crew a 4x+ but Paula said she wanted the long as her precious hands, especially her right one, weren’t trashed for Thursday night’s tennis. Later we ran into Don (almost literally...steering issues!) as Paula played bow (coxswain?) and steered us well for the most part. Don was happy as a clam in his ‘fav~oar~right’ single...assuming clams are happy...aren’t they normally cold and damp?

We had a few issues since we had all missed the past two weeks with the holiday and Mother Nature. There were some #2 ‘drop outs’ for ‘Is~Belle’ and a few ‘old~man breaks’ for ‘Crab King’ but we still traveled some 7,000 meters in the muggiest day so far. A ‘newby 8x’ seeked a final sweep person as we pulled to the ‘daffy’ dock but none of us had anything left to give. We pulled off at 1845 HRS tired and sweaty. Here's hoping we have at least an 8 next week (although I may have jury duty).

Submitted by ‘King’...substituting for ‘Cowboy’. Rollie Cole

(I’ll be there next week...with our ‘Zydeco’s’ display oar & our new wiring harness! ‘Roue’ Bob)!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 7/25/07

"Heads Up, Ready All...’CHEESE’!
"Who’s the Leader of the Club that’s here for you and me? R-O-B-E-R-T...E-V-A-N-S!

Our beloved leader abandoned his Green Castle to come and ogle our fabulous soon-to-be Zydeco’s (east wall) CULVER display oar. Over time...Zydeco’s in Mooresville has become the CCIRT's oar’dopted investment in Cajun ‘refleshment’! Thanks to Deb’nCarter Hutchinson for the great honor of showcasing our CULVER Crew! Robert "Reggie" Evans (CMA ’55) took just enough time to admire friend Fred Jungclaus’ (CMA ’60) picture-perfect rest’oar’ation sensation then hi-tailed it home. His ‘cheesy’ excuse? His bride Sharon would cut off his tail with a carving knife if he didn’t attend some important din-din! Rats! He was trapped! Of course his hip might also still ache from a recent header? We LOVE you man! Hurry back...soon! Meanwhile seven Maroon ‘Mouseket’oars’ squeeked our old but bold Vespoli down to the Daffy Dock...unaware that we had a 'phew' poach’oars aboard!

While adjustments aboard our "6x+" boat were being......adjusted...’timorous beasty’ shrieks alerted this......alert Stroke that something was amiss! During a month’s ‘hiatus’ our ‘Eagle’ 8x had become a cozy campground for Mickey’s minions. Also paper-wasps of the stinging persuasion had build huts under our butts and mud-daubers had ‘daubed’ the toes of our shoes! Following some trepidation, tools and doses of WD-40 (the Universal solver of problems) we cleaned house, ceased all the ‘Mickey Mouse’ and headed north to points......north! Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick held the cox-prodding position while my Class ‘bud’ Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60), Maureen ‘Mo’ Bell, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann & Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole (along with his indomitable issue Isabel) fired on all femurs. I again lent my tush-push to the #8 (stroke) position...still hoping to hone my ‘catch’.

During our hour of power an undetermined number of large dark birds circled 'oarhead'...their motives were also undetermined. Perhaps they were seeking...mice?! 1840 HRS: Paula 'greased' our landing back at the Daffy Dock!

We may have two newbees joining us soon...Tracie Wells of TV/Web fame and Karen Klutzke (CGA ’84)...a true CULVERite! Both are threatening to infiltrate our crew. YEAH! Stay alert! This could be great fun for our resident ‘Instruct’oar’ Rollie Cole!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 8/1/07

"Heads Up, Ready All...’SLOW’!

Slow's moving too fast! We've gotta make this Summer last! 1700 HRS: On this 1st day of August...7 'august' members of the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team fought a ‘steam’ of heavy traffic to oar’ganize our August first~thirst at the Indianapolis Rowing Center. We were greeted heartily/heatedly by Eric ‘The Wiz’ Stoll...manager of the IRC who says he has breaking news...and he promises to reveal it soon! Hmm?
1730 HRS: Meanwhile...back at the ‘wrench’...I followed our ‘e-steamed’ leader Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) into the Water Sports Center to learn that he would again have to beg off rowing due to a ‘wrenching’ fall he’d taken recently. He and his ‘mama superior’ plan to head once again to their lakeside Michigan mansion for some R&R before Sharon returns to her mission of scholastic mind molding. God speed folks. Hope to see you back on August 15th! My own ‘superior’...Captain Gail...should be joining us to row that day as well as the following 2 hump days. By the way...I just learned that she was flying into Minnesota last night and witnessed the bridge tragedy from aloft.
I arrived at the Eagle in time to rend’oars’vous with Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, his daughter Isabel, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, our much-missed Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth and our oth’oar educator (& coxswain) Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick. While Dan steamed off in a single...our remaining 5 chugged off in a 4x+.
1745 HRS: Approaching the north end of the main body of the lake Rollie began the ‘Deliverance’ mantra and we joined right in...proceeding further north into ‘Row Man’s Land’! ‘Twas the 1st time for us to venture this far in a 4x+! Dan’s single followed us in hot pursuit. Our venture ended when (observant) Paula noticed a major increase in al~log~ators and (happily) surmised we might be shallowing out. We were. Ssssslowly we turned and ‘muddled’ our way back to the Daffy Dock where we were forced to disband. The heat and ‘humididity’ was just a bit much for some of us. Many were missed today. Hoping for a ‘cooler’ turnout next week!
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 8/08/07
"Heads Up, Ready All...’SSSSS’!
A ‘Lucky 11’ of the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team ssssteamed out of town prepared to drown their Woden’s Day sor’row’s in a cool west side change of August attitude. Some say it’s 10 degrees cooler on the water. Perhaps...but we still had as much water on board as below us! AAAH, YES! 1615 HRS: Robert ‘McBob et fils Paul ‘Pecs’ Jedele met me to help install our new 8x+ ‘wiring harness’ to keep our beloved Coxswain Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick a decibel above all the sweaty swearing. Job was workable but TBC. The speaker ‘speaks’ but apparently my butt (slide) isn’t magnetic enough to activate the stroke sensor. We hope that a few layers of tape will belay major surgery...I dislike major surgery...just ask St. Vincent’s!
Today’s "Heat of the Eagle" was attended by all of the Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60), ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, two of his ‘newbee’ pals Andy & Hanna (or was that Handy & Anna?), Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth, Maureen ‘Mo’ Bell et moi! Our wiring repair ‘row-lateral damage’ resulted in a few ‘shirty dirts’ but CULVER’S name can never be besmirched. We regret the necessity to purge another mouse-house from the bowels of our buoyant beast and we hope Walt doesn’t sue!
1730 HRS: While Don and Paul dunked an IRC double...the restuvus ‘un-rested’ in our own CULVER 8x+. Hot?? Let’s just say I wish ‘64’ was the temp...not my age. 1815 HRS...1st docking: Don & Rollie had to bail for cooler climes so Paul climbed into our 8x+. We then ‘Head-of-the-Eagled’ southward...played a fast rub~oar of ‘56th St. Bridge’ (still safe...still echoes...nice 'IRC 2007' graffiti...perhaps to celebrate the recent retirement of our famous Eric ‘The Wiz’ Stoll?)! We saluted the Eagle Creek home of much-missed crewman David Emhardt (CMA '48) then reversed course. 1900 HRS: Paula ‘greased’ the 'Daffy Dock'. While most left for an evening of AC and acid reflux...Paula left for an evening of mourning. She returns to her new season of ‘Kiddie Ed’ tomorrow. Iddy, waddy, woo...buckaroo!
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 8/15/07

"Heads Up, Ready All...Glass?
The Indianapolis Rowing Center was almost empty when we arrived. Past IRC Manager Eric the ‘Wiz’ Stoll was just exiting stage 'port' and had to f’oar’go my invitation to join in our ‘hump’ day dance. The water and winds were low...slow...set to go! 1700 HRS: Sadly Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) phoned in puny but 7 oth’oar members of the CCIRT managed to buck the ‘Bozos of the Boulevards’ and arrived safely...set to sweat the swamp. ‘Cap’n’ Gail Glaze and I toted a two-fer down to the ‘daffy dock’ while Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth & coxswain (normally) Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick (bicycling in fresh from the trenches of 2007 Kids-Ed) carted a quad down for a (foreshortened) foursome.
As we were about to launch we were blessed with a dockside visit from Landscaper, crewman and soon-to-be-mom ‘Nancy Kickin’ Kuliesis! She will be very busy...very soon! Please visit us again this Wednesday...if YOUR water allows...I’ve got that Calabash seed info I owe you.
Our flat-glass water suddenly turned to turmoil as the wind shifted and shattered it. Gail and I also realized we’d installed our sculling oars incorrectly (‘tis been a while since we floated a double!) rendering our already tipsy tub now unrowable! As we carefully took turns (staying afloat) correcting the err’oar our CULVER Quadsters sped to the rescue of a lady who’d ‘turtled’ her single when one of her oarlocks...unlocked! Successful! Way to go CULVER heroes!
40 minutes later Gail and I were abeam the south-end (empty) swimming beach and noticed a lone Great Blue Herron strolling the sand...keeping quiet company with a large flock of vultures. A strange sight! They were waiting for...?
The quad docked early as ‘Huff’ experienced a left-arm issue. We send out our positive thoughts to her and await her medical report (as well as Reggie’s)! Thanks to their early docking they were ashore to assist us with our own rocky ‘bass-ackward’ return. THANKS, guys!
I should have news soon on our ‘Zydeco’s Oar Unveiling Dinner’. I'm trying for Friday Oct. 19th to coincide with ‘The Head of the Eagle’ races on Saturday.
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 8/22/07
"Heads Up, Ready All, Heat Stroke"!
1530 HRS: Gail and I delivered our fabulous Fred Jungclaus'(CMA '60)" CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team display oar to Zydeco’s in Mooresville. The official unveiling will be 1700 HRS on Friday Oct. 19th...hopefully you can attend!
1700 HRS: "Panting (shorts style) was ‘de-rigger’ as 10 + Tim descended on the IRC swamp. Tim O’Brien (WebTV) oar~rived to shoot some hot shots of our ‘Maroons’.’s sc~oar~ching out here! The hottest 8/22 in recorded history found Paul ‘Pecs’ & papa Robert ‘McBob’ Jedele, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, Cheryl ‘Huff’nPuff’ Huth, Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60), Andy 'Handy’ Gilman & Karen (newbee) Klutzke (CGA ’84) plus 2 heat-crazed Glazes all set to sweat. Coxswain Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick, Tracie (newbee) Wells & Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) were all on infirmary duty so didn’t make the fall~in. Those present would have willingly taken a fall into the lake but opted for ‘gluttony-of-the-gluteus‘ instead.
Following repairs to our rate-sensor magnet Karen volunteered to suffer through an initiating coxswain session to get her ‘feet wet’. We began with a stumbling 8x+ struggle down to the 'daffy dock'...was that caught on tape? Oh Boy! It was the $%#@* heat and I’m stickin’ to my story! Boy am I stickin’ (or is that stinkin’)?! After some additional stupid stumbling through ‘the math’...nine of us fired-up the 8x+ while brainy ’Barney’ tried scholarly ‘scullery’ in a single. Now we’re cookin’!
Next I decided to ‘coach’ temp coxswain Karen on how to conduct a ‘dropout drill’. OOPS! Repeat after me: "Stroke is # 8...bow is # 1"! Our 'dropout' was more like a ‘Chinese Fire Drill’ (sans the lead paint and tainted meat)! My BAD! It was the $%#@* heat and I’m stickin’ to my story! After I realized my ‘row pas’ we did rather well and I thank Karen for not scuttling me!
Meanwhile much missed McBob (#7) began ruminating on the painful impact to his ‘abs’ during his previous session with us. Guess it was a real eye-opener! Meanwhile this Bob (#8) began ruminating about the impact of another type of 6-pack that requires a real bottle-opener!
1800 HRS: Back at the ‘daffy dock’...a quick switch and we gave Karen a fast chance to sample portside sweep. Rollie sat ‘sternly’...enduring the agony of his fanny. Following two big loops he brought us into a successful if not awkward...‘dockward’! Quack! Time to 'duck' for din-din & dark!
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 8/29/07

"Heads Up...Ready All... WOW!"!
Dear Crewed Ones: The good news is...we had the best row in years. The bad news is...our found’oar Robert ’Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) was s’oar’ly missed. Guess a dark cloud looming over I-70 battened down his hatches. Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick was recovering from a viral but showed up anyway to cox...allowing us to launch our 8x+! 1700 HRS: Also showing to row were ‘newbees’ Karen Klutske (CGA '84) & (Dan Kirchmann’s pal) Andy Gilman...they’ve fallen into our ranks quite handily! Dan K., Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60), Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, ‘Capn’ Gail & Bob ‘Rowbere’ (CMA ’60) Glaze and Robert ‘McBob’ Jedele also picked their seats...aahhh! By the way...McBob’s kid Paul ‘Pecs’ ‘flew the coop’ to Detroit. At least he’s getting a little Michigan water time...although ‘motorized’.

Paula steered us on glass to our normal northern point. Then our 'about face' took us south toward the bridge. Paula whispered (somewhat laryngitically) "Wanna go under the bridge"? YES, Ma’am! A 'Head of the Eagle' run! A moment later a ‘boward’ voice (Dan? Rollie?) barked: 'BRICKS'?! the water level so low we're now approaching a (no longer) submerged farmhouse? No! Finally we realized his query was 'RICKS’?! "Yes...squeaked 'Hollywood'..."That's our plan"! We contemplated an ‘Amstel Lite’ stop at said ‘Rick’s Boathouse’ (on Rollie’s tab) but Paula noticed we were being shadowed by Evan’s ‘Little Black Cloud from Greencastle’! Our coxswain rope steering assembly suddenly ‘went south’ but ‘Hollywood’ salvaged most of the hardware and managed to safely steer us back north, under the bridge and home to the 'Daffy'. Our return was swift with no weather issues but I just wish it could have dripped a little liquid on my Morgan County thatch. We yelled "Seni’oar Dave" as we passed (much-missed CCIRT Crewman) Dave Emhardt’s (CMA ’48) lake home but he must have been busy hiding behind the curtains. My ‘best gal’ Gail & I also ‘echoed’ our usual ‘Cuban sports’ yell (stolen from Batista’s kid at CULVER back in ’57) as we passed (2x) under the 56th street bridge. The Hispanic fisher-persons ‘luring’ beneath the bridge didn’t seem to mind our ‘hie, hie, hie’ noise. BTW ‘Barney’...I believe that white bird we saw was most likely a ‘Common Egret’.

1845 HRS: We’d done a complete Eagle Run followed by a ‘clean’ landing at the daffy dock... although the daffy dock wasn’t all that ‘clean’...QUACK! Speaking of foul? The lake’s now infamous "blue-green algae" issue...AKA: "phosphorous lawn fertilizer"...AKA: "affluent effluent" hasn’t harmed us yet...but ‘coxswain’ tossing is still on hold! 1900 HRS: Time to exchange the flotsam for flip~flops, fajitas and futons!

PS: Retiring IRC manager but still row-coach Eric 'The Wiz' Stoll has so many students this year he's running out of 8xs. He asked if the CCIRT would allow the IRC to borrow our CULVER boat...NEVER on Wednesdays?! He said that the IRC would be responsible for any damage. Why not? Of course...& happy retirement! Rollie, his daughter Isabel and I enjoyed spending Labor Day with you, "Ms Wiz" and a crew of ‘thousands’ on hand at the IRC to honor you...good sir! We loved all the conspicuous competition & consumption. Oh yes...I also took time to repair our ailing CULVER 8x steering assembly!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 9/05/07
"Heads Up...Ready All... weinie ROW"!

A new ‘hump’ day: Our CCIRT founder Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) was off (post Labor Day) lolling around his Michigan mansion, Nancy ‘Kickin’ Kuliesis was off anticipating her own looming ‘labor’ day (iddy waddy woo) and too many other Marooners were just off lolly-gagging!

1730 HRS: Meanwhile just Rollie 'Crab King' Cole, Paula 'Hollywood' Frederick (coxswain) & ‘Y’oars Truly’ rolled 'Rollie's Trolley' (cradling a quad) down to the pond for a 3-way sweat fest! Hubba, hubba! Paula loved getting to row again and we loved letting her. She’s a valuable ‘switch hitter’ and Rollie proved again to be an invaluable bow coach while I stroked the stern. There were a few close calls with the ‘al-log-ators’ (due to the shallow water) but no harm done. 1830 HRS: Post sweat...HOT DOG...sometimes ‘weinies’ work out! Thanks U2 for a 'Fun 3' plus a smooth landing! We bailed early as ‘Cap’n’ Gail was alighting soon and I had 5 dogs to free & feed before fetching my flying frau. Speaking of flying: Hail classmate/crewman Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60) mom suggests that your white lake-bird last week might be an immature Blue Heron. Another look required...see you Wednesday?!

PS: R'Evans reports he plans to be dockside September 12th plus he and Sharon will be available for our ‘CCIRT Oar unveiling’ at Zydeco’s in Mooresville on Friday night, Oct. 19th. Happy Dance! Without them present we would have rescheduled it. I’ll attempt to contact Alan Loehr &/or Guy Weaser to try and finalize CULVER’s involvement at Zydeco’s and our CCIRT involvement ‘hosting’ the CULVER kids at the annual IRC ‘Head of the Eagle’ race the following day. I’d like to see us assist the IRC at the race, recruit some fresh CULVER Alumni for the CCIRT and, hopefully, demo our CCIRT 8x+ with an Alumni ‘pick-up’ crew. We might even consider asking any interested recruits to join us at Zydeco’s post-season for our final (not yet scheduled) "Last Supp’oar" to meet our 'Maroons' and get stoked for spring stroking?

"Legs, backs & arms full tilt...keep this up until we wilt! Heads up... windward...hard on port! We just can't help but love this sport"!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 9/12/07
"Heads Up...Ready All...Mow!

On second thought...let’s plow some blue/green algae at the EAGLE! Our brown grass can wait!

1700 HRS: A flock of pure white 'doves' (?) exploded overhead as Gail and I launched northward from Morgan County. We then had the pleasure of encountering Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55), Don ‘Barney’ Nixon (CMA ’60), Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole, Karen ‘Clutch’ Klutzke (CGA ’84), ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann & Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick down on the IRC ‘bayou’.

It was an honor to have ‘Reggie’ present at the ‘daffy dock’...even though he and his sweetie Sharon couldn’t stick around for the ‘sweativities’. Robert, again, helped us launch our 8x...and as ‘Barney’ wrote me so eloquently this week:

"It's intuitively obvious to even casual observers that Robert misses being with us in the boat...anyone who drives over to see us off without getting an oar wet is making a powerful non-verbal statement about how much he cares about us...the project and his Culver interest."

We can’t wait until Robert can rejoin us...hopefully his busy schedule will finally allow him this Wednesday. As to the tour...our ‘Magnificent 7’ had a delightful "Head of the Eagle" row to the north-end then all the way southward...under the bridge (hie, hie, hie!) to ‘Rick's Boat Yard’. We then reversed course northward (hie, hie, hie!) back to the barn. We made surprising speed (and time) considering there were just 6 oars Paula had us doing frequent dropout drills. This meant that during our round trip we frequently had only 4 people rowing our 8x! Many lurking ‘al-log-ators’ kept ‘Hollywood’ on maroon alert. Eagle Creek Reservoir resident ‘Senioar’ David Emhardt (CMA ’48) hasn’t been seen nor heard from all season and we miss Roger ‘Hummer’ Plummer has also vanished off the face of...HELLO?!

Hey gang...good news! It would appear that Eric Stoll successfully patched our fin leak! We took on zilch water in the stern during our hour (plus) float. Thanks, ‘WIZ’! Would what you used also work to seal the two small ‘blems’ we have in the hull bottom just ‘north’ of the fin? They don’t seem to be leaking yet but...?

"Legs & backs & arms full tilt! Keep this up until we wilt! Heads up...windward...hard on port! We just can't help but love this sport"!

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle: 9/19/07
"Heads Up...Ready All...Simm’oar!

A scintillating End-of-Summer simmer-session awaited 5 members of the CULVER Club of Indy Rowing Team at the IRC:

Gail & I were tardy...due to never-ending ‘Highway Reconstruction’. "When you build it right the first time?!" We sure wish that the concept of highway (robbery) low-bids could be changed...but I digress! As we tooled into the IRC parking lot who should appear but ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann busily hood-lounging with a (long missed) familiar face. Back ‘on guard’ with us was CULVER friend (and Indiana Nat. Guardsman) Roger ‘Hummer’ Plummer! Welcome back to the pack sir! Perhaps you could have a little chat with ‘Major’ Moves?!

1700 HRS: Although they couldn’t stick around...‘Barney’ Don Nixon (CMA ‘60) showed up to show off his handsome young grandson Benjamin and to help us tote’nfloat our boat. Don inquired if a 6year old might possibly be allowed to act as coxswain. Hmmm? Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick (the final of our fired-up five-some) oar’rived on foot in fine fettle fit to coxswain a 4x+! While dodging the many excited new ‘babies of the boathouse’ we fumbled our ‘fogie’ feet fleetly down to the daffy dock and set sail for a cool change. A slight breeze made the high temps tolerable as we coursed our way northward. Eastward abeam us an airborne ‘corps’ of cormorants cruised and perused the pond for perch as we wended our way along the shallow (we need rain) Eagle Creek shoreline. Our 5 then voted for a southern ‘rub-oar’ of 56th Street Bridge Xing that proved to be gently abusing & generally amusing.

1815 HRS: During our sweeping turn back toward the north I (sitting stroke) spied a gull at 6 o’clock obviously plotting to deliver an aerial ‘bowel bomb’! I warned Paula and she swerved in time to avoid a direct hit. Not being ‘gullible’ CULVER weathered the impact ‘swell’ off the starboard stern as we headed homeward.

PS: Good news! Our beloved (coxswain and educator) Paula has gained a $eriou$ 2008 spring/summer gig as tennis coach for some guy named Ben Davis! Bad news! She will likely be unavailable on Wednesdays! Thus we need to (1) find another coxswain (Benjamin? My dog ‘Mr.T Rusty O’Toole’?) or (2) move our sweat-session to a different weekday? HELP? Happy Birthday to crewman Don ‘Barney’ Nixon! Enjoy some Devil’s food old pal. Angel food lasts forever, as too many of our friends now know.

"Legs & backs & arms full tilt! Keep this up until we wilt! Heads up...windward...hard on port! We just can't help but love this sport"!
That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicles:

9/26 & 10/03~2007
"Heads Up...Ready All...Splash!

9/26 @1700 HRS: I sadly had to ‘bail’ on our favorite water sport due to another water issue involving home plumbing. The weather didn’t look too promising so most other crewmen bailed as well. However one of our loyal CCIRT Crewman persisted. We owe ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann a big ATTABOY! Dan wrote:

"With the weather looking like there was a chance to row, Dan K and newbie Katie Crosby were @ the barn @ 5. It looked like everyone else was put off by the weather, and we were getting ready to head home @ 5:30 when one of the IRC regulars (or is that regul-oars in Bobspeak?) suggested (we take) a double with the advice "It's the best way to teach somebody." We set off on a short row (to the North end, down to the bridge, and back to the barn) without incident. Katie picked up the basics quickly despite my lack of teaching skills. With the sun again darting behind the clouds and wind appearing, we decided it may be a little rough for teaching and landed fairly well (with a hand from an experienced double headed out onto the water).
-Dan K".

A double-headed what?! Nyuk, nyuk! Seriously...thanks man! Hope Katie will take a turn at ‘sweep’ as well! Now to 10/03: 1700 HRS: Dan Kirchmann, Andy ‘Gunnel’ Gilman, Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole (returning home from the land of ‘El Toro’ torture) and coxswain Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick joined me on the blue/green aqua in a 4x for a one hour bridge trip down to Rick’s Boatyard and back. After the slickest docking of the season we were hailed by a fisherperson who just had to show somebody his 35 LB Flathead Catfish! After taking a fast photo he returned the behemoth...with a Tsunami its muddy murk. Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) couldn’t rock with us on the water but he did stop long enough to discuss our Zydeco’s dinner on Oct. 19th as well as our hosting of the CULVER kids at the Head of the Eagle races at the IRC on the 20th. We would love to have as many former and present crewmen to meet at Zydeco’s Friday at 5:30 PM to unveil our Club Oar (up on the east wall) followed by dinner. We’re anticipating having a few dignitaries from CMA in attendance as well as my neighbor & former crewman Fred Jungclaus (CMA ’60). Fred donated his time and talents in transforming an ‘experienced’ classic wooden ECHTES KARLISCH-RUDER oar into a work of art. We hope to recruit some new Alumni both Friday and Saturday. We’re planning to host the CULVER kids at their Crew Tent on Saturday and feed ‘em Zydeco’s Jambalaya. Finally...Dan sent this: "Here is the website for IUPUI's Center for Earth and Environmental Science (CEES if you're into acronyms):

More specifically, the buoy in Eagle Creek:

(For those not rowing Wednesday, we rowed by the monitoring buoy and wanted to get the info on it) -Dan K.

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicles:

"Heads Up...Ready All...RU pickin’ on me?!"

Dear Crewed Ones: ‘Twas ‘Double 10’ Day but Evans & I bailed...’twas cold...’twas windy...we live miles from the murk and gas ain’t cheap! "Crab King" fired this one across the bow!

"After reaching 91 degrees F on Monday...the temperature was around 50
degrees F on Wednesday, October 10, 2007. Only Don "Barney" Nixon (CMA ’60)
& Rollie "Crab King" Cole showed up for rowing - the Glazes had some
weak excuse, Paula was out of town and apparently everyone else just ‘wimped out’.

We waited until 1715 HRS then walked down to the lake. The closer we got the stronger the wind. We also noted that the lake was at its lowest level ever--the powerboat dock was actually
resting on dirt. After a few thoughts about searching for Roger "Hummer" Plummer’s
long-lost sunken keys (plus Rollie's wrench) we went back to the boathouse to consult
with "Eric the Wiz" and check for other rowers. Eric said he had already sent out his boys, but was keeping his girls in the boathouse. He’s had a bumper crop of girls this year because the normal drop off between spring and fall did not occur (HMMM...POOR BABY?)!

At about 1730 HRS...with no other Culver rowers in sight, we
decided to join our fellow "wimpees" and call it a night. Too cold,
too windy, too lonely...I (Rollie) did do a half hour "power walk" after getting home early, but it
was NOT the same! We have just 3 Wednesdays left -- the 17th, 24th, and our traditional
Halloween row, which this year is actually on Halloween on the 31st. I’ll miss the 17th, but hope to make both of the others. Keep on strokin' -- as the weather gets colder, it helps keep you warm. Substituting for the wimped-out ‘Cowboy Bob’ I remain...Rollie "Crab King" Cole"

Ouch! S’moar ‘wimpy’ news: The Bad News is we aren’t conducting our CULVER Oar Presentation Dinner on Oct. 19th after all. The Good News is we'll be working hard to reschedule it so MORE MEMBERS CAN ATTEND! Due to Teacher's Week...'Barney' Nixon (CMA '60) and coxswain 'Hollywood' Frederick begged off then our Club founder 'Reggie' Evans (CMA '55) expressed doubts about his avail. What followed iced the old ‘crab’ cake: Friends Eric 'The Wiz' Stoll, 'McBob' Jedele, 'Rockin' Rhinesmith, 'Huff'nPuff' Huth, 'Senioar' Emhardt, 'Lou' Fontaine (1st coxswain), 'Hummer' Plummer & 'Mo' Bell e-mailed dead in the water. Sole ‘Sure fires' were former crewman Fred Jungclaus (CMA '60...our Oar Artiste), Glazes & Coles. ‘Doubt fires' were 'Kickin' Kuliesis, 'Dangerous' Dan, 'Gunnel' Gilman & 'Kat' Martin (2nd coxswain). After careful made no sense to 'Reggie' & me to hold it now. We need this event to assist us in recruiting new blood from the growing local CULVER Alumni pool. Pray that Alumni guru Alan Loeher & his 'Max Ones’ will concur? We must now find a 2008 ‘rowing pre-season’ date that will allow 'loyals'...interested newbee a CULVER Alumni Office big-shot to attend our spring ‘CULVER Cajun Catch’ at Zydecos! Hope to see a few of you at the IRC Wednesday...all ’cept for that wimp ‘Rollie’ Cole? <);-}

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle:

"Heads Up...Ready All...(s)Crewed again!"

Dear Crewed Ones: Well...we missed another one this past week! BOOOO! Rollie 'Crab King' Cole, Paula 'Hollywood' Frederick, 'Dangerous' Dan Kirchmann, Robert 'Reggie' Evans (CMA '55) and I attempted to trump the N'oars gods to no avail. At this juncture it appears positive for our "Octo~Boo~Whoo" Row this Wednesday...hope to see some of you (dressed to 'skull') there...assuming the weather demon doesn't once again doom us to ditch! 'Cap'n' Gail Glaze will be finally landing her UAL 'broom' long enough to join us in our season ending 'Scare (c)Row'.

FYI...John & Nancy "Kick'in" Kuliesis (our crew's comely "Celtic Woman") are now busy 'kiddin' around with a captivating little creature! 'Baby K' appears to be cut of potential crew material...from cradle to craft...coxswain to catch! Here are her stats from J&N:

Virginia Marie Kuliesis

(after our Mother's names)

10-12-07 8:26pm

7lbs 14oz

20 1/4"

"Yes, Virginia...there is a CULVER Club of Indianapolis Rowing Team!"

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)

CULVER Crew~Chronicle (dedicated to the memory of friend and classmate Dave Thomason (CMA '60) who will never get to row with us):

"Heads Up...Ready All...Whoa & Woe!"
‘Twas the end of the trail for our CCIRT 2007 season! The wind had whipped the Eagle into a caldron when coxswain Paula ‘Hollywood’ Frederick, Robert ‘Reggie’ Evans (CMA ’55) ‘Dangerous’ Dan Kirchmann, recent 'Spaniard' Rollie ‘Crab King’ Cole plus Cap'n Gail & I floated in to hatchet our favorite Hallowe’en hump-day haunt. one ashore or afloat...most creepy! I had come dressed as a ghoul...Gail dressed as a redheaded cadet in a mini-skirt and Rollie as (gasp!) COWBOY BOB! The remaining 3 came resembling themselves! EGAD! The weather ‘sucked’ badly as well sorta quote the Raven...’float ne’er more’! But wait! Here came 'crew-mom’ Nancy ‘Kickin’ Kuliesis showcasing her new ‘crew-daughter’ Virginia Marie Kuliesis weighing in at a sleek 7 pounds 14 ounces...and what a gorgeous li’l gobblin she was, too! To have the chance to see & hug her made our trip to Eagle Creek worth while...but I do believe that Evans’ bride Sharon hogged the hugs this evening. Upon departing the pond (happy but 'unrowed') tonight I wrote to Evans:

"We sure ‘kissed the monkey’. I could kick myself! We should have simply taken a 4x+ out for a short out & back (with you standing dock watch) so we could say that we did a Halloween row! My concern was the lack of an IRC chase boat but now I'm certain the main gate would have dispatched a DNR boat in case we had any weather issues. Never...ever...again let me be the weenie that I was last night! We could have floated for a few minutes. I cringed all the way home!" @#$% Glaze

Evans responded: "I think we made the proper (safe) call. It appeared that we might have made a run into the wind across the south end and then to the west side where I'm sure the water would have been calm but...with the water level so low and no one else on the lake...I think we did the prudent thing. The last thing we needed was a disaster to put an end to our rowing permanently. So go ahead and ‘kiss the monkey’ and smile knowing our crew is all safe and able to row another day." Reg

ey Whitney Meyers...may we over-winter our two boats in the IRC boathouse as before? Also, CULVER crew et al...I will try to reschedule our Zydeco ‘Oarsd’oeuvre dinner for February or March. Meanwhile here’s an update from Rollie: "Please change my email address...old: new: Please feel free to pass on this update to others you think might need or want it."

That's Tales from the Dockside! SM’OAR NEXT TIME! READY OAR KNOT! THE CCIRT...WE TAKE A SOAKIN’ BUT KEEP ON STROKIN’! Yours at the Oars:’Rowbere’ Glaze (CMA’60)


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